Prelim sketch for "Not Just a Name on a Wall"

A Helping Hand

​"I heard the old courthouse

was built atop an older

cemetery. Talk about

the seat of judgement!

Now, it's an arts center

in historic downtown

McKinney, a Dallas, Texas

suburb. Charitableness

and volunteering are both

habits inculcated by two

​ commonplace tragedies."

Oklahoma's General Tommy Franks, USA, Ret., penned the foreword to

Ode to Joy, the artist's 1st book (2013).

A  2nd Edition printing is planned.

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"I fervently prayed

to be mature in love:

Agape love, brotherly

love, being gracious,

refusing to retaliate,​

  I am meek, not weak."

Don Fco. Alcaraz

Plaster cast for

a bronze bust

of Carroll's famous

teacher from

the port of Almería,

 on the

Mediterranean Sea,

Andalusia, Spain ---

It is one of the world's greenhouse capitals.

Allen-Clark-Wounded-Soldier-Healing-Warrior-Combat-Faith-USMA-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-Death-Life-Mourning-Grief-Child-Parent-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-#Philanthropist-#Carroll-the-artist-Carroll-Burgoon-Contemporary-Art-Most-valuable-art-collections-top-private-art-collections-top-players-wives-and-girlfriends-of-athletes-most-expensive-living-American-artists-famous-college-dropouts-did-not-attend-art-school-TIGER-(نمر-虎-बाघ-Harimau-बाघ-Tigre-con-hổ)-wrapped-in-LOVE-(حب-爱-AMOUR-LIEBE-मोहब्बत-애정-AŞK-KÄRLEK-KÆRLIGHED)-FAMOUS-QUOTES-Philadelphia-born-painter-Carroll-Burgoon-was-first-motivated-by-DEATH-and-PTSD-He-moved-to-Dallas Cowboy-country-Texas-where-he-was-discovered-by-a-famous-European-artist-who-served-powerful-European-kings-queens-the-world's-richest-Hollywood-actors-and-Hall-of-Fame-sport-superstars-He-was-first-a-freshwater-biologist-at-the-Academy-of-Natural-Sciences-of-Philadelphia-art-galleries-exhibit-at-art-museums,-celebrity-interior-decorators-sales-and-marketing-competitive-published-trusted-referrals.-Nashville-Jimmy-Jack-Whitaker-Tommy-Franks.
Temple-University-Famous-doctors-Philadelphia-Skin-cancer-Battlefield doctor-corpsman-medic-Normandy-D-Day-Texas-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-Death-Life-Mourning-Grief-Child-Parent-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-#Philanthropist-#Carroll-the-artist-Carroll-Burgoon-Contemporary-Art-Most-valuable-art-collections-top-private-art-collections-top-players-wives-and-girlfriends-of-athletes-most-expensive-living-American-artists-famous-college-dropouts-did-not-attend-art-school-TIGER-(نمر-虎-बाघ-Harimau-बाघ-Tigre-con-hổ)-wrapped-in-LOVE-(حب-爱-AMOUR-LIEBE-मोहब्बत-애정-AŞK-KÄRLEK-KÆRLIGHED)-FAMOUS-QUOTES-Philadelphia-born-painter-Carroll-Burgoon-was-first-motivated-by-DEATH-and-PTSD-He-moved-to-Dallas Cowboy-country-Texas-where-he-was-discovered-by-a-famous-European-artist-who-served-powerful-European-kings-queens-the-world's-richest-Hollywood-actors-and-Hall-of-Fame-sport-superstars-He-was-first-a-freshwater-biologist-at-the-Academy-of-Natural-Sciences-of-Philadelphia-art-galleries-exhibit-at-art-museums,-celebrity-interior-decorators-sales-and-marketing-competitive-published-trusted-referrals.

​​  ​​​The KINGs Painter™ a Life Inspired by Adversity  (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD)

​​​      It must have awakened the horrors of war. The artist believes that his father had a great desire to see his first daughter grow

    up to be a fine woman, and that he and his prairie girl wife, Virginia Jane Smiley, MD, both suffered from the loss of that dream.

    The artist's father had one more patient he could not save, no matter his effort.

​​​      Carroll's dad, Carroll F. Burgoon, Jr., MD, enlisted out of medical school as a Navy LTJG on LST-335 which landed on Dog 

    Green, a gory death trap (The Saving Private Ryan beach) where almost every man was cut to pieces in a mere 120 minutes

    before LST-335 and the 3rd Tide arrived. Then, he was chief medical officer aboard APD-78 (DE-693, the USS Bull) carrying

    UDT-14, who saved the crew in the Lingayen Gulf, then sailed into two savage, decisive battles in the North Pacific. PTSD?

    He was vitriolic; His first son, the artist, was his lightning rod. "When General Franks agreed to pen my foreword, I talked with

    hundreds in the military community. I saw Steven Spielberg's film. There was a world Pop never talked about. On his deathbed

    I told him, 'I love you' and​  'I forgave you' (in 2007). Several years later, after his death, I awoke with an acute understanding

    of his words and realized I had it all backwards. I should have sought his forgiveness."​  He was still doing 100 push-ups daily,

    lifted weights, read JAMA (and everything else in sight), and opened the indoor tennis courts at 5:30 a.m. Dr. B was a volunteer

    at Community Volunteers in Medicine until a tumble down the front steps in his home ended his nightmares at the age of 91.

  ​​​The Dreams of a Pioneer  (His ancestors sailed from the Moselle, France into Baltimore, Maryland in 1740) 

​​​      The patriarch landed in Baltimore on the Lydia (1740), settled near Front Royal (A son enlisted in GEN Washington's Army).

    He boarded the Lydia, as Johannes Jacob Burgund, a single cordwainer (shoemaker), and debarked as John Jacob Bugoon,

    a married man. The Burgundians left their "high rock island home," Burgundarholmr in AD 250 and stormed across Europe.

    Carroll is not SAR, though a great, great, great ... uncle enlisted with GEN George Washington in the war for independence.

    "Carroll" is a family name in tribute to the next door neighbor, Charles Carroll of Carrollton (Charles Carroll III),

    Maryland landowner (The wealthiest man in the American colonies; net worth of $645m in 2018 dollars), and last living Signer

    of the American Declaration of Independence (Played by actor Terrence Currier in National Treasure with Nicolas Cage).

       "Without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time; they therefore who are decrying the Christian religion, whose

        morality is so sublime and pure (and) which insures to the good eternal happiness, are undermining the solid foundation of

        morals, the best security for the duration of free governments."  -  Charles Carroll of Carrollton

​​​     Burgoon's left Ohio, rode into the Old West, and settled in Fort Worth, Texas in 1850. Carroll, the "soon to be" artist arrived in

    June 1984. (One dozen Pennsylvanians died defending the Alamo in the fight for Texas independence from Mexico in 1836.)

 Humbly Accepting the Stage of Leadership

    ​"The crazy thing was that some of the men Pop had invited into his private practice were already in Dallas, Texas, and known as

    THE VERY BEST dermatologists in town. Obviously, Texas wasn't far enough. His living legacy was global. In November 1993,

    I vowed that I would be the world's #1 artist for my Father's honor and glory. THEN, life humbled me as I learned to accept help. 

    I slept on my art studio floor for about one year, on friend's couches, in my car, skipped a few meals for days at a time after my

    electricity and water were shut off. I lived in a homeless shelter for two months (My art prints were already in the chapel!) ... YET

    there have been miracles upon miracles in the midst of it. Scio unde veniet donum  (Trans. 'I know whence cometh my gift.'). 

    I know the importance of a good woman standing by your side through thick and thin. I'd praise her at the gates of the city!"

Alcaraz-Paris-Picasso-Impressionism-Texas-Art-Collecting-THE-AMERICAN-DREAM-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-Death-Life-Mourning-Grief-Child-Parent-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-#Philanthropist-#Carroll-the-artist-Carroll-Burgoon-Contemporary-Art-Most-valuable-art-collections-top-private-art-collections-top-players-wives-and-girlfriends-of-athletes-most-expensive-living-American-artists-famous-college-dropouts-did-not-attend-art-school-TIGER-(نمر-虎-बाघ-Harimau-बाघ-Tigre-con-hổ)-wrapped-in-LOVE-(حب-爱-AMOUR-LIEBE-मोहब्बत-애정-AŞK-KÄRLEK-KÆRLIGHED)-FAMOUS-QUOTES-Philadelphia-born-painter-Carroll-Burgoon-was-first-motivated-by-DEATH-and-PTSD-He-moved-to-Dallas Cowboy-country-Texas-where-he-was-discovered-by-a-famous-European-artist-who-served-powerful-European-kings-queens-the-world's-richest-Hollywood-actors-and-Hall-of-Fame-sport-superstars-He-was-first-a-freshwater-biologist-at-the-Academy-of-Natural-Sciences-of-Philadelphia-art-galleries-exhibit-at-art-museums,-celebrity-interior-decorators-sales-and-marketing-competitive-published-trusted-referrals.
#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-Death-Life-Mourning-Grief-Child-Parent-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-#Philanthropist-#Carroll-the-artist-Carroll-Burgoon-Contemporary-Art-Most-valuable-art-collections-top-private-art-collections-top-players-wives-and-girlfriends-of-athletes-most-expensive-living-American-artists-famous-college-dropouts-did-not-attend-art-school-TIGER-(نمر-虎-बाघ-Harimau-बाघ-Tigre-con-hổ)-wrapped-in-LOVE-(حب-爱-AMOUR-LIEBE-मोहब्बत-애정-AŞK-KÄRLEK-KÆRLIGHED)-FAMOUS-QUOTES-Philadelphia-born-painter-Carroll-Burgoon-was-first-motivated-by-DEATH-and-PTSD-He-moved-to-Dallas Cowboy-country-Texas-where-he-was-discovered-by-a-famous-European-artist-who-served-powerful-European-kings-queens-the-world's-richest-Hollywood-actors-and-Hall-of-Fame-sport-superstars-He-was-first-a-freshwater-biologist-at-the-Academy-of-Natural-Sciences-of-Philadelphia-art-galleries-exhibit-at-art-museums,-celebrity-interior-decorators-sales-and-marketing-competitive-published-trusted-referrals.
Inspirational-Plein-air-painting-watercolors-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-Death-Life-Mourning-Grief-Child-Parent-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-#Philanthropist-#Carroll-the-artist-Carroll-Burgoon-Contemporary-Art-Most-valuable-art-collections-top-private-art-collections-top-players-wives-and-girlfriends-of-athletes-most-expensive-living-American-artists-famous-college-dropouts-did-not-attend-art-school-TIGER-(نمر-虎-बाघ-Harimau-बाघ-Tigre-con-hổ)-wrapped-in-LOVE-(حب-爱-AMOUR-LIEBE-मोहब्बत-애정-AŞK-KÄRLEK-KÆRLIGHED)-FAMOUS-QUOTES-Philadelphia-born-painter-Carroll-Burgoon-was-first-motivated-by-DEATH-and-PTSD-He-moved-to-Dallas Cowboy-country-Texas-where-he-was-discovered-by-a-famous-European-artist-who-served-powerful-European-kings-queens-the-world's-richest-Hollywood-actors-and-Hall-of-Fame-sport-superstars-He-was-first-a-freshwater-biologist-at-the-Academy-of-Natural-Sciences-of-Philadelphia-art-galleries-exhibit-at-art-museums,-celebrity-interior-decorators-sales-and-marketing-competitive-published-trusted-referrals.-famous-quotes-celebrity-autographs-Nashville-Jimmy-Jack-Whitaker-Tommy-Franks.
McKinney-Texas-National-Historic-Register-monuments-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-Death-Life-Mourning-Grief-Child-Parent-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-#Philanthropist-#Carroll-the-artist-Carroll-Burgoon-Contemporary-Art-Most-valuable-art-collections-top-private-art-collections-top-players-wives-and-girlfriends-of-athletes-most-expensive-living-American-artists-famous-college-dropouts-did-not-attend-art-school-TIGER-(نمر-虎-बाघ-Harimau-बाघ-Tigre-con-hổ)-wrapped-in-LOVE-(حب-爱-AMOUR-LIEBE-मोहब्बत-애정-AŞK-KÄRLEK-KÆRLIGHED)-FAMOUS-QUOTES-Philadelphia-born-painter-Carroll-Burgoon-was-first-motivated-by-DEATH-and-PTSD-He-moved-to-Dallas Cowboy-country-Texas-where-he-was-discovered-by-a-famous-European-artist-who-served-powerful-European-kings-queens-the-world's-richest-Hollywood-actors-and-Hall-of-Fame-sport-superstars-He-was-first-a-freshwater-biologist-at-the-Academy-of-Natural-Sciences-of-Philadelphia-art-galleries-exhibit-at-art-museums,-celebrity-interior-decorators-sales-and-marketing-competitive-published-trusted-referrals.

"Our eyes read

someone's hands,

​yours and mine;

this world notices

all mannerisms.


we speak with one

another before

we voice

a single word."

The KINGs Painter

​"Bikes and planes

aren't about going fast

or having fun; they're

toys, but serious ones."

-  Harrison Ford

"Indiana" Jones

Carroll F. Burgoon, Jr., MD

General Franks with Carroll

at the painting unveiling

ceremony, Oklahoma.

Photo: Bill Hollingsworth

Autographing AP #1 for Nashville's

popular, award-winning, singer-song-writer, guitarist, Jimmy Jack Whitaker.

Jim's music was made to accompany

Not Just a Name on a Wall.

Fall birding on the Flyway,

Brigantine, NWR, facing

Atlantic City, New Jersey.

"Love, hope, and faith

overcame survivor's guilt

and the isolating fears hailing

from my sister's tragic death."

​​​​​◆  UnOrthodox Art Studies

​◆  Bio -The first 68 years

25th Anniversary Art Celebration (1994 - 2019)

The artist Carroll Burgoon is the KINGs Painter

Waxahachie-H-S-history-teacher-Son-of-the-American-Revolution-Texas-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-Death-Life-Mourning-Grief-Child-Parent-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-#Philanthropist-#Carroll-the-artist-Carroll-Burgoon-Contemporary-Art-Most-valuable-art-collections-top-private-art-collections-top-players-wives-and-girlfriends-of-athletes-most-expensive-living-American-artists-famous-college-dropouts-did-not-attend-art-school-TIGER-(نمر-虎-बाघ-Harimau-बाघ-Tigre-con-hổ)-wrapped-in-LOVE-(حب-爱-AMOUR-LIEBE-मोहब्बत-애정-AŞK-KÄRLEK-KÆRLIGHED)-FAMOUS-QUOTES-Philadelphia-born-painter-Carroll-Burgoon-was-first-motivated-by-DEATH-and-PTSD-He-moved-to-Dallas Cowboy-country-Texas-where-he-was-discovered-by-a-famous-European-artist-who-served-powerful-European-kings-queens-the-world's-richest-Hollywood-actors-and-Hall-of-Fame-sport-superstars-He-was-first-a-freshwater-biologist-at-the-Academy-of-Natural-Sciences-of-Philadelphia-art-galleries-exhibit-at-art-museums,-celebrity-interior-decorators-sales-and-marketing-competitive-published-trusted-referrals.
US-Army-​​​​America's-Top-General-Knighted-by-Queen-Elizabeth-II-Art-Collecting-THE-AMERICAN-DREAM-CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ARTIST-現代美術-The-artist-Carroll-Burgoon-The-KINGS-Painter™-LIVING-ARTIST-MASTER-COLOR-ART-HISTORY-collectors-TIGER-نمر-虎-बाघ-Harimau-बाघ-Tigre-con-hổ-symbol-LOVE-حب-爱-AMOUR-LIEBE-मोहब्बत-애정-AŞK-KÄRLEK-KÆRLIGHED-LUXURY-HARMONY-HEALTH-PEACE-Picasso-Chagall-Miró-Monet-Oxford-motto-DEATH-of-a-CHILD-PTSD- LIFE-Philadelphia-Dallas-Fort-Worth-Texas-España-tennis-keirin-golf-formula-racing-ekiden-cricket-テニス-ケイリン-ゴルフ-フォーミュラレース-駅伝-クリケット-baseball- 絵画は野球のようです. クレーン-ライオン-猫-Horse-hobbies-cat-dog-sport-tennis-polo-fishing-cowboy-flowers-passion-purple-gold-money-philanthropy-inspiration-famous-quotes-illustrated-diary-journaling-armedforcespress-Nashville-Jimmy-Jack-Whitaker-Tommy-Franks-Patriot-Guard-Riders.
#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-Death-Life-Mourning-Grief-Child-Parent-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-#Philanthropist-#Carroll-the-artist-Carroll-Burgoon-Contemporary-Art-Most-valuable-art-collections-top-private-art-collections-top-players-wives-and-girlfriends-of-athletes-most-expensive-living-American-artists-famous-college-dropouts-did-not-attend-art-school-TIGER-(نمر-虎-बाघ-Harimau-बाघ-Tigre-con-hổ)-wrapped-in-LOVE-(حب-爱-AMOUR-LIEBE-मोहब्बत-애정-AŞK-KÄRLEK-KÆRLIGHED)-FAMOUS-QUOTES-Philadelphia-born-painter-Carroll-Burgoon-was-first-motivated-by-DEATH-and-PTSD-He-moved-to-Dallas Cowboy-country-Texas-where-he-was-discovered-by-a-famous-European-artist-who-served-powerful-European-kings-queens-the-world's-richest-Hollywood-actors-and-Hall-of-Fame-sport-superstars-He-was-first-a-freshwater-biologist-at-the-Academy-of-Natural-Sciences-of-Philadelphia-art-galleries-exhibit-at-art-museums,-celebrity-interior-decorators-sales-and-marketing-competitive-published-trusted-referrals.

Franklin and Marshall College graduate, Temple University

Medical degree, internship at

Philadelphia General Hospital,

World War II US Navy veteran,

born in Harrisburg, PA.

US-Army-​​​​America's-Top-General-Knighted-by-Queen-Elizabeth-II-Art-Collecting-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-Death-Life-Mourning-Grief-Child-Parent-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-#Philanthropist-#Carroll-the-artist-Carroll-Burgoon-Contemporary-Art-Most-valuable-art-collections-top-private-art-collections-top-players-wives-and-girlfriends-of-athletes-most-expensive-living-American-artists-famous-college-dropouts-did-not-attend-art-school-TIGER-(نمر-虎-बाघ-Harimau-बाघ-Tigre-con-hổ)-wrapped-in-LOVE-(حب-爱-AMOUR-LIEBE-मोहब्बत-애정-AŞK-KÄRLEK-KÆRLIGHED)-FAMOUS-QUOTES-Philadelphia-born-painter-Carroll-Burgoon-was-first-motivated-by-DEATH-and-PTSD-He-moved-to-Dallas Cowboy-country-Texas-where-he-was-discovered-by-a-famous-European-artist-who-served-powerful-European-kings-queens-the-world's-richest-Hollywood-actors-and-Hall-of-Fame-sport-superstars-He-was-first-a-freshwater-biologist-at-the-Academy-of-Natural-Sciences-of-Philadelphia-art-galleries-exhibit-at-art-museums,-celebrity-interior-decorators-sales-and-marketing-competitive-published-trusted-referrals​-brand-Western-horse-and-rider-cowboy-famous-oilmen-rancher-portraits

() "I found this re-posted on my Linkedin by Caleb Schumacher, Battalion Chaplain at 2-504 PIR 1BCT 82nd Airborne."

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bio - The first 68 years​    

​​​  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The KINGs Painter  (Carroll F. Burgoon, III, born in Philly) Oeuvre: 800+ paintings since 1994. 

     Carroll was handpicked by Spanish prodigy D. Fco. "Paco" Alcaraz. SEE  Unorthodox Art Studies

    Sr. Alcaraz saw Carroll's coloured pencil drawing of common roadside purple thistles portrayed with the delicate, unequaled

    beauty of a Juliette Rose and called him to Spain. Carroll studied painting in an idyllic Castilian Spanish village in 1994.

    ​His experience in Spain with Sr. Alcaraz was so historically significant that he was invited to give 367 art keynotes in six
    months after he returned to Texas: American Association of University Women at Southern Methodist University, University
    of Chicago Alumni Association, Trammell Crow Company
 (brown bag luncheon talks for Mr. Harlan Crow's CPAs and JDs),
    independent school districts (high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools) ... live radio and television interviews.

​​    "Perhaps, most astonishing was Sr. Alcaraz' eye for how our Greatest Masters did things. How did he cultivate such acuity?

    My teacher restored actual priceless, invaluable masterpieces inside the world's elite art museums, e.g., Musée du Louvre,

    Museo del Prado, The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York City, Château de Versailles​, and many irreplaceable treasures

    in French caves and Catholic cathedrals throughout France and Germany. He told me how he trembled before a Rembrandt,

    the greatest painter of all time, and in a night's dream he watched how to restore the great work, got up in the morning and just

    did it. Another night, in the old shepherd's barn below Paco's living quarters, he opened a book of Picasso's 'stains' and traced

    his friend's brushstrokes with his finger to demonstrate how the amazing watercolors were made. No classroom can teach this."

"I was a freshwater Biology major at Gustavus Adolphus College ('73) in St. Peter, Minnesota.  

    I received a Sigma Xi stipend and worked on an NSF a project, 'Thank you Dr. Anderson.'     

Decades later, I'm a watercolour specialist with an oeuvre of > 800 completed art works." 

    A Colonial South American socialite opened the door for Carroll, 100 years after her grandfather co-founded and presided over

    his country's richest football club, by facilitating his painting studies with her famous artist friend in Europe. Carroll's first patron

    was a lovely horse loving lady he "met by accident" in Friday afternoon traffic, two weeks before he flew to Madrid for studies

    with Sr. Alcaraz. One of the largest landowners in North America and a telecom tycoon quickly followed suit. Carroll made a very

    large art donation to an adoption service spanning multiple states to honor Sr. Alcaraz, who was first a prodigy orphan.

    Only Two Art Classes: #1 General Anthony Wayne Jr. H.S. and #2 Great Valley Sr. H.S. (GVSD)

     Carroll's favorite public school teacher was Ms. Kathleen Dugas, 7th-Grade Art, in 1963. Ms. Dugas taught Carroll to draw

     hands with the masterful perfection of Dürer. Hand gestures shape societies, lead armies, and grab our attention before we

     notice a man's eyes, which reveal his soulful intent. Thus, the cover of Carroll's first book, Ode to Joy, and a mother's love.

    ​✓ ​​"My 11th-Grade Art Appreciation teacher (GVSD) was the decorated POW, Marine BGEN Woodrow Kessler. He took us to

     The Barnes, Merion, PA, where I learned to see art differently. I learned to cherry-pick. I quickly realized that most collectors

     collect signatures, and masterpieces are uncommon. He urged me to attend a widely esteemed art college; I was intimidated.

     So, I defaulted to aquatic entomology and the life of an austere scientist until I became an 'opulent' artist."

    ​✓ One teacher stands out, though he doesn't remember her name. She was the most powerful of everyone because she made

     her 7th-Grade classes memorize 100 words per week, three definitions deep, for one year. "I remember." She taught English. ​​

    Art Books​  (#1 published in 2013; #2 is almost finished, and #3 is "on the easel.")

   ✓ He used money from the sale of his home to publish Ode to Joy (Ninth Symphony) honoring the U.S. military community and

     first responders. He donated (some were given to servicemen on the streets, in recruiters posts, etc.) away all 2,600 books.

     Carroll always had some on the front seat of his car ready to give away in a moments notice.

​     ​HSM The King of Spain Juan Carlos I sent Carroll a cordial reply when he received the first book off the printing press of

     Carroll's first book, Ode to Joy, a writing journal with the foreword by Four-Star GENERAL TOMMY FRANKS, USA, Ret.

     General Franks was knighted by HRH Elizabeth II Queen of the United Kingdom. A Nashville musician introduced the general

     to the artist. First Editions are in GEN Franks' museum gift shop alongside POTUS Geo. W. Bush, PM Thatcher, GEN Powell,

     and SOD Rumsfeld. General Franks waived his fees stating he supports the "therapeutic" art book, and suggested a course

     of action on a nationwide scale of service. WHITAKER. "Jimmy is a brother to me. A little brother! One day when he was back

     in McKinney, he pointed to one O'Brien gravestone after another in Buckner (The first county seat in Collin County, TX). He had

     known many. They were his mom's family. Jimmy's (An Oklahoman) played with the greatest musicians and was produced by

     friends George Maddaloni (A New Yorker) and Grammy and Dove Winner Gary S. Paxton. Everybody loves my big brother."

     To say "Thank You" Carroll did a painting of General Franks with his head bowed as a Patriot Guard escort passed.

     The painting was publicly unveiled on the doorsteps of General Franks Leadership Institute and Museum where it is proudly

     displayed among the general's collection of historic memorabilia and well wishes from Hall of Fame musicians, athletes, etc.    

    USMA graduate, retired Major General Hugh G. Robinson, PE, was Carroll's mentor and charmingly enthusiastic advocate.

     He was Trustee of A.H. Belo, a broadcast and publishing company. They first met at the famous gold Campbell Centre towers.​​

​​​    Trains & Railroad Museums​ (火车, Züge, गाड़ियों, Kereta, 열차, Treine, قطار, Trenes)

    ​Ever since Carroll was a young pup he's been fascinated by trains of every kind, and his parents obliged his boundless delight. 

  "My doctor dad demanded mastery, BUT expected virtuosity."    

"Pop always served, always 'wearing' his GI helmet with a red cross encircled in white.    ​ 

He understood each situation immediately, acted intuitively, quickly, and decisively.    ​ 

Pop had 'the heart for greatness' and a loyal army of followers. He was the best in the world.    ​ 

He loved the fine art of dermatology. Similarly, I love the fine art of art. I am his son."    ​ 

  ​​Art Shaped by a Silver Spoon with a Farm Boy's "Before Dawn" Work Ethic

​​​     ​​ The second child (first born son) of two medical doctors. The first two children were named in honor of his father's parents.

     "Sibling relationship tends to be the longest and the most intimate in family, thus the death of a sibling     

can be a devastating life event, especially when this event happens at early ages."   

Excerpt from Death of a sibling may impact surviving child's lifespan, by Ashley Welch, April 24, 2017, CBS News.    ​ 

​​​      The family looked normal after his older sister's sudden death, due to the rare Reye's Syndrome on her sixth birthday. There
    was no funeral or further mention. Smoldering self-blame, guilt, endless hard work, and emotional detachment remained, each
    unjustified by the facts. The death had a deleterious affect on every aspect of the future artist's life for decades, until resolved.

​​     ​​​ Dr. Carroll F. Burgoon, Jr., a world renown Philadelphia dermatologist, was the future artist's prized docent amidst the elder

    gentleman's nattily kept ca. 1751 King George III equestrian estate filled with all kinds of costly treasures. He loved to restore

    and decorate Colonial Period homes. He was a banker's son. The artist's mom was the daughter of a rural doctor and learned

    in a one-room schoolhouse. Inspired by her father, who died of leukemia when she was ten during the Dakota Dust Bowl, twelve

    months after the Stock Market crashed. She earned her own way through University of South Dakota (Poli-Sci) Phi Beta Kappa.

    She met Dr. Bill Nelson at Temple Medical School and was his first editor of "Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics." The family that built

    the Brooklyn Bridge built a specialty hospital for "Dr. B." He built the #1 institution in the world. Bluebloods, HOF Philly athletes,

    medical doctors, and factory workers sat together for hours to be seen by his father in his private practice. Globally, residents,

    PhDs, and MDs flocked to study under and practice with Dr. Burgoon. His Canadian-American wife encouraged his pioneering

    of pediatric dermatology. Dr. Burgoon was a 3rd degree Freemason.​ He succeeded because he had "First Rate" mentors.

​​​​      The family had many animals, large and small. He grew up carrying three grain bags at a time, breaking ice on frozen troughs,

    plowing driveways, building stone walls, haying, mucking stalls, and mending fences. He has a farm boy work ethic and values.

​​​      Carroll studied his uncle, Don Carter, who could see what was coming down the road and was well prepared when it arrived.    

​​​      The family founded a world-class equestrian center and recruited celebrity New Zealand champion, Lockie Richards, FBHS

    as headmaster (Fulmer, Potomac, Spanish Riding School, The Lord of the Rings, etc.), followed by Army Capt Jeremy Beale,

    Burghley winner, British 3 Day Event Team, etc. Co-eds from Bryn Mawr College and Philly's prominent families studied there.​​

US-Army-​​​​America's-Top-General-Knighted-by-Queen-Elizabeth-II-Art-Collecting-THE-AMERICAN-DREAM-CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ARTIST-現代美術-The-artist-Carroll-Burgoon-The-KINGS-Painter™-LIVING-ARTIST-MASTER-COLOR-ART-HISTORY-collectors-TIGER-نمر-虎-बाघ-Harimau-बाघ-Tigre-con-hổ-symbol-LOVE-حب-爱-AMOUR-LIEBE-मोहब्बत-애정-AŞK-KÄRLEK-KÆRLIGHED-LUXURY-HARMONY-HEALTH-PEACE-Picasso-Chagall-Miró-Monet-Oxford-motto-DEATH-of-a-CHILD-PTSD- LIFE-Philadelphia-Dallas-Fort-Worth-Texas-España-tennis-keirin-golf-formula-racing-ekiden-cricket-テニス-ケイリン-ゴルフ-フォーミュラレース-駅伝-クリケット-baseball- 絵画は野球のようです. クレーン-ライオン-猫-Horse-hobbies-cat-dog-sport-tennis-polo-fishing-cowboy-flowers-passion-purple-gold-money-philanthropy-inspiration-famous-quotes-illustrated-diary-journaling.

Vietnam Veteran Allen Clark hand-in-hand

with his granddaughter. Author, Wounded

Soldier, Healing Warrior: A Personal

Story of a Vietnam Veteran Who Lost

his Legs but Found His Soul, and

his second book, Valor in Vietnam.

"His current lay ministry, Combat Faith

(, is involved in

outreach efforts to help active duty

military personnel and veterans

recover from the traumas of combat

and their adverse wartime experiences." Nominated by President George H.W.

Bush and confirmed by the U.S. Senate

as Assistant Secretary for Veterans

Liaison and Program Coordination at

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Then, under President Bush, became

Director of the National Cemetery

System.​ Former Military Intelligence

officer in Vietnam after graduation from

United States Military Academy (USMA),

received the Silver Star for Gallantry in

Action, the Purple Heart, and Combat

Infantryman's Badge. Phillips Exeter Academy graduate, New Hampshire.

Page #8, Carroll's book, Ode to Joy,

with a foreword by Four-Star General

Tommy Franks, USA, Ret.


Vietnam-War-Memorial-Veterans-Gold-Star-Mothers-Chaplain-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-Death-Life-Mourning-Grief-Child-Parent-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-#Philanthropist-#Carroll-the-artist-Carroll-Burgoon-Contemporary-Art-Most-valuable-art-collections-top-private-art-collections-top-players-wives-and-girlfriends-of-athletes-most-expensive-living-American-artists-famous-college-dropouts-did-not-attend-art-school-TIGER-(نمر-虎-बाघ-Harimau-बाघ-Tigre-con-hổ)-wrapped-in-LOVE-(حب-爱-AMOUR-LIEBE-मोहब्बत-애정-AŞK-KÄRLEK-KÆRLIGHED)-FAMOUS-QUOTES-Philadelphia-born-painter-Carroll-Burgoon-was-first-motivated-by-DEATH-and-PTSD-He-moved-to-Dallas Cowboy-country-Texas-where-he-was-discovered-by-a-famous-European-artist-who-served-powerful-European-kings-queens-the-world's-richest-Hollywood-actors-and-Hall-of-Fame-sport-superstars-He-was-first-a-freshwater-biologist-at-the-Academy-of-Natural-Sciences-of-Philadelphia-art-galleries-exhibit-at-art-museums,-celebrity-interior-decorators-sales-and-marketing-competitive-published-trusted-referrals.
Bird-watching-East-Coast-Flyway-Best-Doctors-Philadelphia-Texas-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-Death-Life-Mourning-Grief-Child-Parent-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-#Philanthropist-#Carroll-the-artist-Carroll-Burgoon-Contemporary-Art-Most-valuable-art-collections-top-private-art-collections-top-players-wives-and-girlfriends-of-athletes-most-expensive-living-American-artists-famous-college-dropouts-did-not-attend-art-school-TIGER-(نمر-虎-बाघ-Harimau-बाघ-Tigre-con-hổ)-wrapped-in-LOVE-(حب-爱-AMOUR-LIEBE-मोहब्बत-애정-AŞK-KÄRLEK-KÆRLIGHED)-FAMOUS-QUOTES-Philadelphia-born-painter-Carroll-Burgoon-was-first-motivated-by-DEATH-and-PTSD-He-moved-to-Dallas Cowboy-country-Texas-where-he-was-discovered-by-a-famous-European-artist-who-served-powerful-European-kings-queens-the-world's-richest-Hollywood-actors-and-Hall-of-Fame-sport-superstars-He-was-first-a-freshwater-biologist-at-the-Academy-of-Natural-Sciences-of-Philadelphia-art-galleries-exhibit-at-art-museums,-celebrity-interior-decorators-sales-and-marketing-competitive-published-trusted-referrals.
#Brothers-#Sisters-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-Death-Life-Mourning-Grief-Child-Parent-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-#Philanthropist-#Carroll-the-artist-Carroll-Burgoon-Contemporary-Art-Most-valuable-art-collections-top-private-art-collections-top-players-wives-and-girlfriends-of-athletes-most-expensive-living-American-artists-famous-college-dropouts-did-not-attend-art-school-TIGER-(نمر-虎-बाघ-Harimau-बाघ-Tigre-con-hổ)-wrapped-in-LOVE-(حب-爱-AMOUR-LIEBE-मोहब्बत-애정-AŞK-KÄRLEK-KÆRLIGHED)-FAMOUS-QUOTES-Philadelphia-born-painter-Carroll-Burgoon-was-first-motivated-by-DEATH-and-PTSD-He-moved-to-Dallas Cowboy-country-Texas-where-he-was-discovered-by-a-famous-European-artist-who-served-powerful-European-kings-queens-the-world's-richest-Hollywood-actors-and-Hall-of-Fame-sport-superstars-He-was-first-a-freshwater-biologist-at-the-Academy-of-Natural-Sciences-of-Philadelphia-art-galleries-exhibit-at-art-museums,-celebrity-interior-decorators-sales-and-marketing-competitive-published-trusted-referrals.

Medal of Honor Park

Gainesville, Texas.

Photo: William S. Covington, Jr.

Son of the American Revolution,

11th-Grade DC US History

and 12th-Grade Government/Economics

public school teacher at

Waxahachie Global High School,

(WISD), ​Texas. Bill is a friend of

Carroll, who took this picture.

US-Army-​​​​America's-Top-General-Knighted-by-Queen-Elizabeth-II-Art-Collecting-THE-AMERICAN-DREAM-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-Death-Life-Mourning-Grief-Child-Parent-#World-Class-#Famous-#Artists-#Love-#Philanthropist-#Carroll-the-artist-Carroll-Burgoon-Contemporary-Art-Most-valuable-art-collections-top-private-art-collections-top-players-wives-and-girlfriends-of-athletes-most-expensive-living-American-artists-famous-college-dropouts-did-not-attend-art-school-TIGER-(نمر-虎-बाघ-Harimau-बाघ-Tigre-con-hổ)-wrapped-in-LOVE-(حب-爱-AMOUR-LIEBE-मोहब्बत-애정-AŞK-KÄRLEK-KÆRLIGHED)-FAMOUS-QUOTES-Philadelphia-born-painter-Carroll-Burgoon-was-first-motivated-by-DEATH-and-PTSD-He-moved-to-Dallas Cowboy-country-Texas-where-he-was-discovered-by-a-famous-European-artist-who-served-powerful-European-kings-queens-the-world's-richest-Hollywood-actors-and-Hall-of-Fame-sport-superstars-He-was-first-a-freshwater-biologist-at-the-Academy-of-Natural-Sciences-of-Philadelphia-art-galleries-exhibit-at-art-museums,-celebrity-interior-decorators-sales-and-marketing-competitive-published-trusted-referrals​-brand-Western-horse-and-rider-cowboy-famous-oilmen-rancher-portraits-España-tennis-keirin-golf-formula-racing-ekiden-cricket-テニス-ケイリン-ゴルフ-フォーミュラレース-駅伝-クリケット-baseball- 絵画は野球のようです. クレーン-ライオン-猫-Horse-hobbies-cat-dog-sport-tennis-polo-fishing-cowboy-flowers-passion-purple-gold-money-philanthropy-inspiration-famous-quotes-autobiography.



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US-Army-​​​​America's-Top-General-Knighted-by-Queen-Elizabeth-II-Art-Collecting-THE-AMERICAN-DREAM-CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ARTIST-現代美術-The-artist-Carroll-Burgoon-The-KINGS-Painter™-LIVING-ARTIST-MASTER-COLOR-ART-HISTORY-collectors-TIGER-نمر-虎-बाघ-Harimau-बाघ-Tigre-con-hổ-symbol-LOVE-حب-爱-AMOUR-LIEBE-मोहब्बत-애정-AŞK-KÄRLEK-KÆRLIGHED-LUXURY-HARMONY-HEALTH-PEACE-Picasso-Chagall-Miró-Monet-Oxford-motto-DEATH-of-a-CHILD-PTSD- LIFE-Philadelphia-Dallas-Fort-Worth-Texas-España-tennis-keirin-golf-formula-racing-ekiden-cricket-テニス-ケイリン-ゴルフ-フォーミュラレース-駅伝-クリケット-baseball- 絵画は野球のようです. クレーン-ライオン-猫-Horse-hobbies-cat-dog-sport-tennis-polo-fishing-cowboy-flowers-passion-purple-gold-money-philanthropy-inspiration-famous-quotes-illustrated-diary-journaling-armedforcespress-Nashville-Jimmy-Jack-Whitaker-Tommy-Franks-Patriot-Guard-Riders.

​​All rights reserved worldwide Ⓒ 2019 Carroll Burgoon

The Astonishing Hidden Story behind the The KINGs Painter™ Art

I wanted people to like me and to live to my potential, but I was angry and in a fog. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I tried to get my life on an even keel and stayed out of the limelight ... I had to find purpose and meaning, but didn't have the words. So, I didn't talk about it. Prayer was my cairn as a fog bank enveloped my quest.

Yes. I meekly confessed that in tempestuous​ moments of frustration and rage I destroyed about 400 of my own original paintings, along with all of my art patron records, plus handwritten letters from First Lady Nancy Reagan, Delores Hope, etc., sport trophies,​ plaques, medals, 100 blue ribbons, and about 300 large format 4 x 5 transparencies. ​There were many times when I couldn't afford one sheet of watercolour paper and painted on the backsides of previously finished paintings stacked up in my studio. If you ever find one, keep it! They are as rare as 1-cent 1868 Z-grills, U.S. postage stamps valued at $2,891,566 per square inch in 2007!!!

​I won't try to justify THE PAST. I wanted to be invisible. My early childhood friends became famous mathematicians. I went into science. Today after much debate ... I am an artist.

​Decades ago, the patiently smiling, curly-haired, gentleman sat quietly listening to the silence without words. Like a tiger, he burst forward in a leap of rage ​from deep in his chair roaring, "You were abused!!!" The words were a numbing cacophony decades later; I was mercilessly, erroneously, punishing myself for my sister's death, a life tragically lost and that no one talked about.

(Nevertheless it was my hidden gyroscope, I was attracted to women who'd break up after 4.5 years, in November, "helping"​ replay my sister Helen's passing, or women who had witnessed their father's death when they were ten-years-old. My life was a mess, in an eccentric nutshell. I'm an acquired taste.)

I understood the gentleman's words were true, and accepted them with relief. My heart took a few years to catch up. It was true and it wasn't. I'm a fair man. The only way out was a leap of faith.

​Through the years I'd been dumbfounded by my proclivity for self-sabotage, and the other self-things. I had a life map that dependably oriented me to the words "my god" had often spoken over me --- but I later discovered the words probably explained how my father felt about himself. Can I be more specific? Sure. I convey how  my father saw himself. I loved my father, spelled with a lower case "f."

​The short skinny of it: 1) For decades I skipped over the first 2-3 steps to reach the top landing, as I unwittingly re-enacted being kicked over them after making eye contact with him and being yanked from my seat at the dinner table (Escalators brought me to a confused standstill); 2) He venomously called me, "You stupid, worthless, bastard" and I thought that was my name. Anytime I began to excel at anything, I stopped and ran (Four graduate programs in three states - Two were MBA programs that I fled with straight A's, #1 in my class or tied for first) The same in sports, etc., etc.; 3) I received many blessings that arrived in droves, but feeling worthless, I gave away my time, talent and treasure and refused compensation of any kind --- money for my own dreams --- It's a long, long list; 4) My father told me on separate occasions that he would rather three of my high school pals (who he named) were his son, not me; 5) Once as an adult, I hugged him and said, "I love you." Arms frozen at his side, immovable like a locust fence post, he spat, "I hate you because you're ebullient."

I remember a Benjamin West painting behind my father's desk, a desk he'd bought on Antique Row, while at Pennsylvania Hospital (founded by Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Thomas Bond in 1751). It was a fabulous scene of a medical doctor watched by a theater of learned students. That is what my father strove to do. His legacy lives in the generations of those he healed, those he helped, and those he taught.

​My experience didn't jive with the Silver Spoon idiom, nor was I raised amidst gangs, drugs, violent crime and poverty.  THE TRUTH: Pop couldn't save many on the battlefield and he couldn't save his own daughter. He was helpless, and must have felt worthless, stupid, and like a bastard. He couldn't forgive himself. I cried for him. I don't judge what he did --- ​​Christ's LOVE is the only rehab that works.

Come to think of it, Texas doesn't have a Grace Kelly (The Philly daughter of an Olympic gold medalist - a bricklayer - who married Ranier III, Prince of Monaco). Nor does it have a Dr. Barnes or Jeff Koons!

​Hardships made me unshakeable. I became a paintbrush in my Father's loving hands and my life His canvas. His compass became my compass guiding my footsteps. I value love and loyalty.

Some think I'm like the humorous adventurer Indiana Jones.

I've found that what most people say about me, or to me, is a reliable indicator

of how they see themselves. Some say I'm a walking miracle. Maybe. But, I was dyslexic.

After three wives I found I was a church outcast. Brilliantly, actress Jennifer Aniston Said,

""In a man, I look for a friend, someone who's equal, with whom I'm comfortable." Amen.

What's next?

The KINGs Painter