at a






My proudest

moment came

when fear


no longer

held me back.


it propelled me

forward beyond

will and reason.

No man taught

me to paint."

​​​​​​​​​​​​​   _1._  EARLY preparation for "Ecological"  target acquisition.  (Always and Forever)

​​​​​​​      Carroll received a Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society, fellowship under the auspices of Myron Anderson, PhD,

     biology professor, Gustavus Adolphus College (The portraits of Laureates at Nobel Hall, annual gathering of Nobel Laureates,

     and annual visits of the Swedish Royal Family sealed the deal, to top off an invitation to matriculate from Steve Wilkinson, the

     winningest coach in the history of men's tennis; He made no effort to complete either the college's or the biology department's

     graduation requirements), where he consulted Mr. Jay W. Richardson, co-author of the first EPA regulations with world renown

     Dr. Ruth Patrick and POTUS Richard Nixon. He joined their team at​  Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, ANSP,

     (Oldest natural history museum in the Western Hemisphere, est. 1812 by Bartram, Peale, et al.) as a freshwater insect expert

     and environmental consultant. Carroll replaced two gentlemen departing the Academy to begin studies at the Ivy League's

     Penn School of Dental Medicine, as the Principal Investigator​  on EIS 316s for BP, P&G, Scott Paper, Washington Suburban

     Sanitation Commission, and Potomac Electric Power Company. He shared a corner office with section leader, malacologist

     Samuel LH Fuller, PhD, a Harvard "Crimson" man, who gave his full support to Carroll's innovative proclivity. Did you know that

     the environmental consulting "business" began when Dr. Patrick identified diatoms on U-boat hull fragments and specifically

     told the Navy where the enemy submarines were kept hidden? Carroll liked working at the Academy because it blessed many

     people. He enjoys rural living, painting, writing, sports, small town friendships, good wines, fine cooking, and the outdoors. 

​​​​      Carroll always admired the lovely, scholarly women from Moore College of Art and Design, next door to the Academy, honing

     their technical mastery by making drawings of "our dioramas" day-after-day. "I chomped at the bit to draw like they did." And,

     he marveled at "our scientific sanctuary" buzzing with 40 busloads of excited youngsters, yellow buses queued on the Parkway.

      He loved going to Mill Grove, home of painter-naturalist John James Audubon on the Perkiomen. Carroll made Riker mounts

     (Named after the plant pathologist) when he was five-years-old and a Junior Curator at the Academy of Natural Sciences; He

     saw the bobcat diorama being made, and saw his first Natrix and examined owl pellets at Bowman's Hill. Vivid memories!

      Other favorites were du Pont estates: Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square and Winterthur Museum near Brandywine Creek.

      The family often sojourned to Hershey Gardens to purchase roses for the estate grounds. In Texas, Carroll enjoyed the beauty

​      of the Dallas Arboretum and the Fort Worth Japanese Garden. The 9.3-mile White Rock Lake Trail was another favorite.

       An excerpt from​  Roger Bacon's Opus Majus written in 1267 and published in Scientific American (1961?), was his gyroscope.

​​​​   _2._ AN ARTIST with BUSINESS SENSE.​  "Enriching your battlefield acumen and vision!"​  (1980 to Present)

​​​      He left a superb track record in scientific research and environmental consulting to cultivate practical knowledge of business

     dynamics. He matriculated with the blue chip Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance, recognized as the #1 sales force in the USA

     by every prominent business magazine and newspaper, where he received national awards for sales and customer satisfaction.

     He served people of high moral character and was especially fond of his PCOM clients. Carroll exchanged his yellow "Kliban"

     T-shirt for a halo and wingtips to fit into the big city environment. He knows the best way to "sell."

   _3._ GET IT DONE KNOW-HOW.  "An idea guy with practical solutions!"  (1984 to Present)

​​​      When Carroll moved to Texas, he opened a boutique marketing and consulting firm serving the same market niche. He was

     the chief, cook, and bottle washer: Sales, concept, layout design, copywriter, creative director, and production manager. Clients

     included: national and international medical and dental association heads, the Western Hemisphere sales and marketing V.P.,

     of a major global petroleum company, a retired 2-Star in charge of 30,000 USAF civilian scientists, top selling women realtors,

     a boardroom consultant that served the very top US corporations and the US President's Cabinet (DOD, DOE, DOT, ...), several

     were globally prominent medical specialists. He only helped the very best of the very best.

​​​       He was on the District leadership staff of Pauline Shirley, DTM, PDG, who went on to be an HoF International President. With

    her mentorship he was named Rookie of the Year in the world's #1 ranked District of more than 4,000 members and received a

    commendatory note from the sitting President of the United States of America, who somehow had noticed.

​​​       He learned his craft rolling coins for his aunt and uncle, entrepreneurs who owned at least 40 thriving, highly profitable small

     businesses, from car washes, vending machines, music boxes, laundromats, hotels, to fitness centers. Don and Mary Carter

     saw opportunities long before their competitors and were in the best cash flow when it arrived. Carroll values investing.

   ​​_4._ AUTHENTIC WORK ETHIC, ENTHUSIASM & PASSION.  "Go ahead. Tell me I can't do it!"

"I learned how to drive when I was just a 55 pound-eight-year-old on a Farmall Super H when I tugged  

its steering wheel into my armpits to release the split brakes facing straight up a 30-degree slope, and  

pulling a flatbed wagon stacked 12-high with hay bales. My vocabulary grew by a new word or two."  

​      He has hiked, backpacked, run trails, and canoed from Yosemite to the Anaconda Pintlar Wilderness, Boundary Waters,

     Queen Wilhelmina, Okefenokee, and​  Acadia, 10 bungee jumps, a varsity letter in tennis, Kung Fu, plus, NAUI Certified SCUBA

     diver ---  and a Grumann Widgeon landing on a private lake in the Pocono Mountains AND a ride in the open cockpit of a shiny,

     orange Stearman at a horse country airshow, wearing a parachute! He was too small to be a running back in high school, like his

     dad had been! So, he wrestled five years. His siblings wrestled, played tennis, rode horses, or played field hockey. All skied. 

     Then, there was the little matter of the Broad in a stage five flood, in an open canoe, in pelting sleet. And, the Chattooga, and ...

​​​​      ​He took private tennis lessons at their country club from the time he was knee high to a tennis racket. Later, a Hall of Fame

     college men's tennis and squash coach taught Carroll to assimilate very complex, advanced skills very, very, very rapidly.

     ​  Once, he practiced his side horse routine, prior to an exhibition in Valley Forge, on an English saddle under the private direction

     of Lockie Richards, FBHS, famed New Zealand Olympian, who his parents recruited from Scotland to be their first headmaster

     at Fox Hollow Farms Equestrian Center, where Carroll mucked 60 stalls, mended fences, painted buildings, and hayed fields.

     Lockie was succeeded by Burghley Horse Trials Three-Day Event Winner, British Olympian, Captain Jeremy Beale.

​​​      Carroll dropped from first to third after a mechanical (his fault) sent him coasting in the last mile of his first local bike race; He

     missed catching first place by two bike lengths. One day after he was knocked out and his shoulder separated on a 220-mile

     ride one hour out of Rehoboth Beach, he suddenly had an exciting hunger for Kilo --- He'd just summersaulted off the road and

     left some skin in the blacktop. Ten months later, he was alternate to the US National Championships on the banked track as a

     Cat 4 racing for Richard Mann's Britannia Club in King of Prussia. He was a quick, nimble 53.1 kgs with a resting pulse of 28.

     The next year, he raced with Gene Dixon and Classic City Cyclists where he leaped up the Category scale to qualify for Cat 2.

     He rode a Colnago. Then, a world-ranked 2:09:30 marathoner got him running --- by talking with Carroll jogging backwards at a

     5:50 pace for two miles; the next morning was the Georgia State Championships at East Point Velodrome in Atlanta. One mile

     PB: 4:08, 2-Miles: 8:56 (Newark, DE), 10K: 31:57 (NJ). Ladders, Fartleks, 18.5 sub-six miles/day, and negative splits were his

     focus for years. He was 7:30 TT'g 1.75 miles at age 48. Discipline prepared Carroll for the painting experience.

​       The future artist was bitten by the shutter bug when he was seven-years-old sightseeing in the Black Hills and Badlands.

     The National Park had just traded its chipmunks for Wyoming buffalo, head-for-head, one-for-one, to build a herd of its own.

​​​     He has made a lot of photographs of movers and shakers, sports, and events for newspapers, plus marketing and PR images

     and stories for businesses, municipalities, families, and pro bono photography for non-profits. He uses this knack for being in

     the right place at the right time as an idea sketch pad and field collection tool for bespoke artworks.

"I slid down the granite rocks of Tallulah Gorge into the pools beneath (multiple times, with a steady date)   

and, I hopped into the precarious Bull Sluice only to get rolled along the bottom and pop up 100 feet downriver,   

with rope-carrying outfitters and guides standing by to rescue their kayakers and canoeists who turned turtle and   

were caught up in the roil. Yep. Deliverance was filmed at both places. Yep. I get chills hearing Dueling Banjos.   

And, yep, my Master's advisor at U. Georgia, a new PhD, stood mystified by my reckless 'adventurosity.' "​   

​​​​      How many autodidacts do you know: Who abandoned a Master's of Science after satisfying all of the research and coursework

     protocol, with his Thesis approved by the department and graduate school at a Division 1 (D-1) university in the Southeast, and

     two mornings later, he quit a D-1 ecology doctoral program in Delaware (To study the micro-distribution of gall wasps on oak

     trees in Jersey's Pine Barrens)? Who then left an MBA in the Southwest --- after completing a marketing and advertising class

     with the only A++ to then quit a premier Southwestern MBA program when he had a 99 test average in graduate calculus and

     the top grade in accounting? Carroll: "I was born to be an artist, a poetic painter. Everything I did readied me to the nth degree!

​​​​      I wound up becoming a uniquely eclectic man who traveled most of the United States of America and eight foreign countries."

​​​​​​​​​This man studies trees without their leaves in the quietude of winter, then
renders them fully bloomed in season. This is how he sees and paints
what most people overlook everyday. He grew up with famous doctors,

scientists, the wealthy elite, and men who've been on real battlefields.

His colorful paintings are contemporary parables made of brushstrokes.


"I Wake Up Thinking
about sunrise reflections ...
the susurrus of the wind in pines

on a brisk morning, painting

ranches, cowboys and cowgirls,

a fresh trail of smoke wafting from

a smooth river rock fireplace,

elk, bighorns, pronghorns,

Steller's jays, bald eagles,

pheasants, grouse, ducks,

feisty little hummingbirds, ...
fly fishermen, campfires,
cards, pack burro racing, and

panning for gold nuggets

under blue skies in Jackson,

and, the chuff, chuff chuff

of my #1 patron's helicopter

as he puts his skids down

in my art studio's front yard."​​

BIO p. 2:​  More good stuff

My Missions Are:

   #1.  To foster the awakening of Jonah

          to his calling.

   #2.  Fund charities that help orphans,

          widows, and Veterans!


The artist Carroll gets

to his art studio before

the sun rises ... just like

he did at the Academy,

just like he did as a grad

student, just like he did

as an athlete, just like

he did on the farm, and

his bed is military-tight.

Photo above: Wearing

a "Tommy Franks" shirt.

He gave all of his ritzy

high-end dress shirts

and custom-hand sewn

suits to charities, and

got back to painting.

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"I took a paintbrush into a gunfight. I'm a Philly boy who loves Georgia and Texas.

 I observe hummingbirds. At 2x's the weight of a 50 Cal bullet one bird chases away THE enemy. Aim high. Win!"

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