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 1a. The Freedom Fighter

 1b. YES!!!

 2a. Horn Blower

 2b. The Green House

 2c. The Red Line

 3a. Dave before Dawn

 3b. Guardian Angel

 3c. Deep Truths (Fishing)

​ 4a. Warning

​ 4b. The Fire

​ 4c. The Day the Dollar Died

"I'm an artistic catalyst for change."

Sermon illustration for senior pastor

of a megachurch, Texas.

"I paint yellow houses, green. It's just the way I see 'em." Historic mansion where you can still sit for afternoon tea, or get married in the gardens, Texas.

"I'm somewhat horrified because I don't think the young people today even know what history is.

Some of them don't' even study History at school anymore or Geography

and they don't know where one place is from another."  -  Joan Sutherland

Jim Courtright in one of the famous

gunfights in the Old West, based on

a true story, told with artistic liberty.

There are hundreds more ... the stuff from which several volumes of books are made. I'll write the Commentaries when it's time. Heck. Tens of thousands of people in my live audiences demanded these in a book for them, and more, almost 30 years ago. Paintings are my favorite 12th Dimension puzzles with an indefinite number of undefined pieces, on a stark, white, sheet of paper. Art is a denouement for very, very tough problems. I'll publish when I get around to it. In the meantime, I'll dance on the bridge of the corpus callosum with a free-spirited soprano, all y'all!

While you're waiting, several audience favorites from my field notes:

Goldenrod, very early colored pencil drawing.

"I'm an artist, not an algorithm." Boathouse Row, Philadelphia, PA.

Aesthetes are as rare and delightful as any dramatic soprano or painter.


This Texas Painter is "The No Kitsch Artist" from Pennsylvania

Artist's Commentary

"Nothing fabricated. My brush does its own stunts. But the WHY is exponentially more important than the how."

What's next? I wonder in silence.

Fort Worth Japanese Garden.

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​​​     ​  Artist's Commentary

Early colored pencil drawing.