​Mayfly: Stenacron interpunctatum (Say, 1839)

A Cahill imago, West Branch of Pigeon Run, Chester County, PA


(Above) Artist selfie

made in his hideaway

art studio (atelier)

before work began,

before morn's twilight.

​A Red Sea Moment

was on his easel.

You can feel the cool, misty breeze wafting frothilly beneath the waterfall. It enlivens. The moss covered rocks are cerebrally slippery,
blue chutes deeper and swifter than you thought possible, and trout and blue winged olives like it that way. Catch the resplendent rainbows

amidst gurgling stickles, cascades, sibilating, bubbling, whispering eddies, swirling pools, while flotsam jettisons around the bend ...

"To go fishing is the chance to wash one's soul with pure air, with the rush of the brook, or with the shimmer of sun on blue water.
It brings meekness and inspiration from the decency of nature, charity toward tackle-makers, patience toward fish,
a mockery of profits and egos, a quieting of hate, a rejoicing that you do not have to decide a darned thing until next week.
And it is discipline in the equality of men - for all men are equal before fish."

Herbert Hoover, XXXIst President of the United States of America (A Stanford graduate; son of a blacksmith and farmer's implement store owner)

Mayfly Identification Guide for in the Lab

Postcard Painting of the Ancient Roman Bridge over the Aguisejo River in Ayllón, Spain.

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) flourishes above the turbulence of the shallows. Carroll sat in the middle of the river to paint this composition.

At first, Señor Alcaraz said it "Es imposible." A mutual friend presented a postcard to the artist and to Alcaraz proving the truth of the table topic matter.

Carroll's original watercolor painting (above) is in the gold-leafed, hand-carved frame the artist's teacher, Alcaraz, made for it during his studies in Spain.

His father's caustic declaration,  "You stupid worthless bastard" died in the stream of forgiveness. The Artist Carroll is a free man and lives that truth.

The purplish-blue iris atop all is more than Alcaraz' favorite --- It's a rich, multilayered story with profound symbolism, as is the bridge. 151MM

The black Solander case, modeled after Daniel Solander's specimen case is a nice touch.

(Mr. Solander was Captain Cook's botanist on his first voyage aboard Endeavor, 1768.)

A Helping Hand

In the Stream of Life

nothing in this world

can take the place

of forgiveness.

​It emancipates you!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​       Carroll received a Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society, fellowship under the watchful eyes of Dr. Myron Anderson,

     biology professor, Gustavus Adolphus; There, he consulted an entomologist (and fly fisherman), who co-authored the first EPA

     Regs. with Dr. Ruth Patrick and Nixon. He joined the duo's team at​  Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (ANSP) as

     an environmental consultant and principal investigator on Environmental Impact Statements for  BP, P&G, WSSC, and Potomac

     Electric. He was given full, free creative reign and a staff of four by Section Leader, Harvard Crimson's Samuel L.H. Fuller, PhD.,

     a malacologist in the Limnology and Ecology Division. Sam asked him what he'd do, then hired him on the spot in a hole-in-the-

     wall restaurant's backyard under a string of lights, professorial brew in hand; they shared the corner office overlooking Calder's

     Fountain of the Three Rivers. That was where Carroll formulated his concept for The King's Bling in 1977.


        He has hiked, backpacked, run trails, and canoed from Yosemite and Muir Woods, to the Anaconda Pintlar Wilderness,

     Boundary WatersGrand Canyon, Tallulah Gorge, Okefenokee, and​  Acadia, rafted the Yough, loved Falling Waterslettered in

     tennis, Kung Fu, was a NAUI Certified SCUBA diver --- and a Grumann Widgeon landing on a lake in the Pocono Mountains ---

     They flew out of a cornfield near home and landed on a private lake in front of the man's 110-room summer home and pulled

     ashore at the guest log cabin; Carroll was honorary co-pilot ... He skied behind a '46 Willys Jeep, and a horse, and down the

     groomed slopes of Upper Michigan's Big Powderhorn and Indianhead MountainsHe tackled the Broad River during a stage

     five flood, in pelting, stinging sleet in an open canoe, ... He hiked out of Georgia to Asheville hefting 75 lbs. of gear and jogged

     20 miles up the Appalachian Trail (AT) in 4 hours daily ... Carroll loved running on an exclusive private golf course as the sun

     was rising and a major competition was on the horizon. "I thought I ran pretty fast until I watched the heels of St. Joseph's and

     Villanova runners disappear down the road. I was much faster on the velodrome --- racing my bicycle. (I first saw polo during a

     country training ride near Toughkenamon. Stallone's buzz is justified.)" And, breakfast in the mountains is always welcome.

​​​        As if that isn't enough, Carroll was "bitten by the camera bug" more than 60 years ago, when he shot a 1958 Brownie Starflash.

     Since, he's photographed several cover images, stories, and movers and shakers for a major business journal and NTXE- News,

     plus, speedy athletes, corporate and private clients. Confession: As a grad student at Georgia, I realized that color distracted me.

     Solution: For five LONG years I only allowed myself to shoot black and white so I'd learn how to compose a picture. Tri-X ASA 400

     was unforgiving, as I later learned that watercolor is. Five years. I earned a self-made reward that I use with facility today.

     Carroll: "I rarely hear the supper bell when I've got a camera in my hands. Obviously, I much prefer photography to painting. Yet,

     all of my unorthodox self-taught methods made me a very unique and classy painter. How do you teach eccentricity?" 

​​​     ​   International Travels: Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Germany, ... now, he stays at or near his home.



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"YOU paid the full price. Thank you!!! I'm your living legacy."

Carroll is "The No Kitsch Artist" from a small rural town where being outbid in a global context didn't matter.


Bio p. 2.


YEARS 5 to 40+

​​​"A good painting is like

a good book. It gives us many

answers and helps us

stop and smell the roses -

to look, to see, and to listen,

  in a contrariwise fashion.

You see the mayfly imago

on the underside of the leaf,

and you know ...

 You've gotta love good art!" 

"I grew up with

shackle on my

boy's mind, but

not my feet --- on

a luxuriously

forested, historic Piedmont estate

≈ 45 kilometers from the second most-populous

Northeastern city

​'The City of  Brotherly Love.'

I repent for all

who enslaved."

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Carroll had "a cup of coffee" in natural history.

​​"When I left freshwater environmental consulting, I was determined to cultivate the ability

to change peoples' hearts so you'd take care of your self and as a result, preserve and protect

   our environment. I discovered that the key to being successful is to first know who you are.

 My budding career in science began as a Junior Curator at ANSP when I was five-years-old.

I began composing with crayons at five. At seven I taught a camera to see and when to blink.

Two of my best friends left for MIT in math and physics. They were 10-year-old superstars.

I wanted to be a brilliant genius like them, but I was not. I was already an artist."