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​​​​​"I'm an artist, not a politician, and I am not for sale. Just because you have a bag full of ill-gotten cash doesn't mean squat.

  I like coastal weather, but if you're from CA, OR, WA, or your name is round-heels BIDEN, contact someone else, not me."

  This age 65+ business owner always cherry picks all of his inhouse art patrons. He welcomes you to "Put your floats down in the waterfront alongside our dock
​for a private "backroom" showing and to purchase my paintings, or just drop in for lunch. I don't hide in my basement and we're always glad to visit with you

​​​We're open​  0730 to 1630 Monday through Thursday UTC-5 (CDT). Please call before you come.

"This is my wheelhouse." Carroll's private study in the abode of Spaniard Alcaraz, who exhibited with Picasso, was like attending the ne plus ultra of elite art schools … POP QUIZ: Wasn't Manhattan originally a smelly old swamp that was drained??? Please describe. Carroll rode his first bike race in Newark, DE and ran his first marathon in Lewes, DE. Doesn't blue Delaware boast it is "The First State" for something!?! What was it?

"I took a paintbrush into a gunfight. I'm a Philly boy who loves Georgia and Texas.

 I observe hummingbirds. At 2x's the weight of a 50 Cal bullet one bird chases away THE enemy. Aim high. Win!"

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ACS Authentic, Connoisseurship, Strategic … cordial, grateful, soft-spoken, gracious) Carroll Burgoon, The Paintbrush Poet™ is a contemporary artist and author who creates innovative 888 Wisdom Art™ and classical XY LEAP™ Art, MONTANA, The Treasure State project: life, death, famine, power, wealth, wildlife, biodiversity, culture, sports, competition, music, education, color, and more. Carroll is a huge fan of Picasso, especially, his 1896 Portrait of his mother, Portrait de la mère de l'artiste. It's magnificent. He would own this one above all others (#2 would be Vincent van Gogh's Portrait of Dr Gachet). Every great artist first learned classical painting before they became Neo-Pop icons. It was absolutely germane to innovation. This first son of two doctors turned to the art of watercolor painting after a stint in freshwater biology. His private teacher, an orphan prodigy, served the refined Debrett's top tier, their peerage, high society, and ... Collecting (Amassing) superb fine art is your right, rank, and demesne. More than 1,200 media connections of every sort, and more than 6,300 heads of state, moguls, film industry executives, sport superstars, etc. were removed by Carroll from his Linkedin account in his reliance upon his Father, as an exclusive relationship. No alliances are made outside of this.

​​​​Carroll's 7th-Grade Art teacher at General Wayne Junior High School taught him to draw hands, supremely well. His US Marine BGEN (Ret.) 11th-Grade Art Appreciation teacher taught him the fine art of discernment. His USN doctor dad (teacher, banker's 1st son, and star athlete) taught him to serve both blue bloods and blue collars. His Native-American-loving Dakota mom taught him to read and to lead. The Father taught him to LOVE beyond all understanding.

What's Next? Carroll will paint a gal holding her g'pa's Medal of Honor with the hero's handwritten letter for the front cover of his next journal. You can hear the reverence in her witty, white-lace voice. "I'd pray with her and for her daily. We'd pray for others, together. Covenanted, yes. Sparks, yes. We are with the right One. We'd be walking and talking, hand-in-hand, playful, good humor, ebullient, charitable, enjoying our remote home, mature in Spirit and in Truth --- She is neither Judge Jeanine Pirro, nor Ms. Laura Ingraham; My beautiful first-generation American-born mom (Poli Sci, Phi Beta Kappa, MD, with NY ties) would've enthusiastically approved and wholeheartedly endorsed either lady! Mom adored my 160-IQ 4.0 Ivy League flame who called me, 'Tiger!' Suits me fine --- the moniker that is. (However, Pop strongly favored an earlier five-year Mayflower love --- but, I had a few issues to resolve.)" So, ... now what?

He dumped Facebook and abandoned Twitter. He deleted all but one Linkedin connection in 2020. Word of mouth brings him plenty of quality art patrons.


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