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"The edge of nowhere is the center of my easel"

Carroll is "The No Kitsch Artist" from Pennsylvania.

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Prelim sketch: Archilochus colubris (Ruby-throated Hummingbird)

and cardinal flowers at Highland LighthouseCape Cod, MA.

A page from my good friend (Texas-born)

Jimmy Jack Whitaker's web site. Look what

he's doing with his Foundation!



Summers at Island Lake

Wearing his favorite Ojibwe beaded belt, Itasca County, Minnesota.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​LAGNIAPPE  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Carroll is an "intense outsider," a social introvert, much like Cox, MJ, Aguilera, Paltrow, Buffett,

Harrison Ford, Albert Einstein, and Letterman. Art is a necessity for the richest and a luxury for gold star art collectors. His teacher in Spain served powerful royalty, business titans, Hollywood stars, and superstar athletes. Initially, the tragic death of his sister drove his timeless artwork. Worldwide, everyone knows the pain and suffering of a loved one's death. He invested four years learning wealth conservation and cultivation, to guide the top 1% strata, as an agent of an East Coast office of Northwestern Mutual (Carroll: "My mentor was my parent's agent, the #1 salesman in the nation."). In 1984, he moved to the Central West to found a boutique marketing firm serving the wealthiest. In 1994, he flew to Spain to study with artist Sr. Alcaraz. HRH Queen Victoria's favorite brush was a Series 7. We read that the genius who taught the monarch to paint also taught Vincent van Gogh. Series 7s are Carroll's (↑↑↑​ Above right) favorites.

HISTORY TOLD  Carroll's mom and dad (LTJG) motivated him. You will sense their "Red Mountain" cares, concerns, and legacy. Each lived in forward gear despite the their tests, trials ... and blessings. "I respect great men and women and what they did for this country. When I met with General Franks in Hobart, Oklahoma, he was quick to point out the added sacrifice of all those families in the military community. I easily saw why the troops loved him so profoundly and was proud to have General Franks pen the foreword to the first edition of Ode to Joy. He waived his usual and customary world leader's fee solely because he decided to help me. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and was knighted by HRH The Queen of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth realms. When I asked him for an introduction to the President of the United States, General Franks' ADC said, "Good to Go" 15 minutes later. He was on the National Park Foundation's Board of Directors with David Rockefeller."

 A Nashville Hall of Fame finger picking guitarist-singer-songwriter, Jimmy Jack Whitaker, introduced General Franks to the artist. Ode to Joy shared the book shelf in the Leadership Institute and Museum gift shop with Bush, Thatcher, Rumsfeld, Franks, and Powell. Carroll painted "He First Served as a Private" to say a hearty "Thank You." Decades before that, Carroll attended another Four-Star's 50th wedding anniversary aboard RMS Queen Mary in a private black tie with 40 Medal of Honors and a lot of politically positioned scrambled eggs. Some present invited him to join a priory of the Knights of Malta.

The artist's dad was a WWII US Navy veteran. Dr. Burgoon was on LST-335 in the Third Tide on Dog Green on D-Day. Then, he deployed as Chief Medical Officer on APD-78 (DE-693), a destroyer escort converted into a fast transport carrying Underwater Demolition Team 14 in the Philippines, then, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Dr. B thrived on authenticity, commanded perfection, and expected virtuosity. His battlefield-tested mentality had no patience with incompetence, indifference, indecision, mediocrity, fakes, frauds, forgers, fabricators, roasters, or boasters. Many scorned him. People who knew better sought him.

After the war, he wed Jane Smiley. She'd earned her way through the university Phi Beta Kappa, and then medical school by typing research papers for fellow students. Virginia Jane (née Smiley) Burgoon, MD became a researcher with husband and wife Austrian virologists at Penn, was Board Certified in Pediatrics, and served Bill Nelson, MD as editor of Nelson's North American Pediatrics. She was a birder with a long global life list, a horse- and cat-lover, and a tennis buff, inspired by her doctor father who died from leukemia when she was ten-years-old, the year the Stock Market crashed, and the Dakota Dust Bowl raged. She was one bright, gifted, refined, Upper Midwest lady who "knew how to use a fork," yet enjoyed the great outdoors. She was very normal.

The artist grew up amidst quiet luxury, wealth, and power, supporters, bankers, advisors, doctors, researchers, and top military brass. A RADM (Flag officer) taught Carroll to tie his shoes. A Marine BGEN (POW) exhorted him to attend art school; he chose science. Carroll is an athletic artist and that celebrated his 25th Anniversary in Art in July 2019. His favorite mentor was a retired MG, a West Point graduate and MIT Civil Engineer, director at Belo Corp and public television, and later, was advisor to Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States of America. Carroll has equally refreshing aplomb and energy. 

"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows

into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy,

while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn."

-  John Muir

The artist grew up in the big house along West Matsonford Road where General Washington and his troops camped for six days before they marched beneath the Hanging Rock in Gulph Mills to overwinter in the icy farmlands of Valley Forge; where Carroll played in the park with his neighbors, grandchildren of former slaves. He crossed the road to the cemetery to practice racing his English bicycle. He is not submitted to one political party or another; he is in fact, a seventh generation American. His mother was a first generation American inspired by her dad who was a turn of the century Dakotan country doctor and civic leader, a pioneer from Rawdon, near Québec, Canada. His dad was the son of a Harrisburg banker and grew up along the Susquehanna, a great trading crossroad in Algonquin Indian Territory and later, the birthplace of the Bethlehem Steel Company. He's not your typical Yankee Doodle seeking fortune in the Bible Belt ​--- Carroll arrived in DFW aboard a sleek airline jetliner, not riding a farm buckboard, and became a pretty good artist.

​​​⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐​  ​Perfect for your yacht, jet, and floating island, too!​​​


"The dream begins with a

teacher who believes in you,

who tugs and pushes and

leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called 'truth'."

​Dan Rather from Wharton, TX

"The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities

of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction."
-  Rachel Carson, conservationist, author, Silent Spring (1962).

​​​​E-mail:  CarrollBurgoon@yahoo.com​​

 ​Introductions by the most trusted friends, exclusively, for all reasons.

Fly in to the nearest airport or put your skids down in his backyard.

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I call it doing

Up Downs.

"Attitude is everything."

Diane von Fürstenberg

"Watercolors are a voice thrown on canvas.

WC makes entertaining illusions."


​"For ≈ 4 ½ years, I did savor pun-filled Friday evenings with entertaining host Louis Rukeyser, Wall $treet Week, and

Scotch on the Rocks. I was a budding freshwater environmentalist. A "bug" guy. Believe it or not, I illustrated

my love letters and envelopes (In the style of Charlie Russell's Paper Talk) to a gentleman's debutante daughter.

Close friends always thought I'd marry a finishing school lady, a direct descendent of Mayflower leadership.

 I neither learned to tie sailor's knots nor joined a prestigious yacht club, but loved wooden boats and rustic log 'cabins!'

I rode my bicycles fast, very, very fast, and very far, hiked, ran and did crazy, futile stuff to outdistance my shadow.'

I confess the wrongdoing of myself and each generation of those who walked before me. I offer apologies

to those I've harmed and accept those not given to me. I forgave myself and those who never forgave me.

 Through the ups and downs, I stay with my plan that's kept up-to-date, all-embracing, and built on TRUST

with consummate dedication, and remains viable ​throughout the topsy tury vicissitudes that color life.

My electricty and water were both turned off and I had many unplanned fasts.

After fundraising live on the radio for a homeless shelter, I became homeless.

Death made me confident, decisive, and courageous!  ​Carroll

Richard Proenneke (Naturalist, conservationist, photographer, writer --- who lived remotely in a lake cabin in Alaska):

'There is always a sadness about packing. I guess you wonder if where you're going is as good as where you've been.'

And, 'Sometimes I get lost in the rhythm of the paddling. I even count the strokes it takes to get me to a point of land.

The play of the muscles in one's arms and shoulders, and the feel of palm against worn wood, are preferable to glancing

at a speedometer.' And he wrote, ultimately'When the time comes for a man to look his Maker in the eye,

where better could the meeting be held than in the wilderness?' ​What did that Harvard grad who lived by the pond say?

'The question is not what you look at, but what you see.'

I smell the Rose. I feel the Rhythm ... and push the Golden Buzzer fast and first!"

An indefatigable quest to make peace with the death of his big sister actually launched Carroll's art career as a child. It morphed him into loner's absentia.

Carl ​Linnaeus wrote, "If a tree dies, plant another in its place."

The artist hiking the pristine wilds,

exploring a natural spring seep

near Lubbock, Texas.

​​« L'art lave de l'âme la poussière

   de la vie quotidienne. »  -  Picasso

​("Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.")

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​​​​​​​​  Everything You Need to Know

  The Beginning Years


Artist Carroll Burgoon was discovered and groomed by Spanish prodigy, Don Francisco Alcaraz, who took him underwing to release and refine his gift. Señor Alcaraz' esteemed distinguished patrons included, Le Louvre (1793), El Prado Museo (1819), Versailles (1682), the Met (1874), the Vatican, and the wealthiest capitalists and kings! Carroll's teacher was honored by the same galleries where the greatest Impressionists exhibited their paintings. Alcaraz did two-man exhibits with Picasso. A patron reported his "Carroll" shares a wall with original Picassos and Marc Chagall on a "Little ol' cow farm in Texas." ​​Carroll is a bright, playful, humble artist who gave 500+ art talks and was featured in corporate news, regional televised, radio, and news. A sport painting had 10 million exposures. Favorite subjects: Flyfishing, pristine wilderness, biodiversity, ranching, waterfront living, hobbies, sports, and philanthropy.

Carroll's 7th-Grade Art teacher, Kathie Dugas, at General Wayne taught Carroll to draw well ("Women always notice my hands"). Every great master FIRST PROVED HIS MASTERY OF THE ART FUNDAMENTALS: Drawing, color, composition, and painting. Carroll has done many exacting portraits, botanicals, zoologicals, landscapes, architecturals, and he is still like a boy turning over rocks in a woodland stream — with a "Nobel"  in his hip pocket.

​​​​​​​​"I was self-made a mayfly scientist. Today, I am a watercolor artist."

Carroll's "Teton" Top 1% A-List: Plutocrats, moguls, heirs, heiresses, conservationists & philanthropists, plus a few super stars in solar and wind power, entertainment, carbon offsetting, hospitals, steel, mining (lithium, copper, silver), mariculture, shipbuilding, water ... banking, finance. "I beat back hagglers by raising prices!" 

  I.  CONTEMPORARY di Capri Super 898's™  (750+ done to date. This spontaneous art has deep ports.) 400lb. CP watercolor paper, ​Schmincke Horadam

      watercolours since 1881. Many sizes were previously created. They were created spontaneously. Every collector's glittering Koh-i-Noor. Singles, diptychs,

      triptychs. First come, first served. From USD 1,645,380.* EFT & CARRY OUT. *Subject to change without notice. Add taxes, if any.

 II.  COMMISSIONS (Dozens finished.) --- 555lb. CP watercolor paper, mould-made in France since ca. 1492 with the ribald colors of the Old Dutch Masters

      made by Old Holland pigments virtually unchanged since 1664, plus add'l timeless hues. Series, hobbies, sports, or a maritime format. $$$$$​​

​​​​◆◆  HOBBY INTERESTS: Carroll began collecting insects as a five-year-old. In the same year, he matriculated with the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia Junior Curator's Program for budding young scientists. When the family moved west to the healing waters of historic Chester Springs, his curiosity broadened to the aquatic insects of Pigeon Run coursing pastures and woods, from granitic spring seeps. He loved visiting ​JJ Audubon's Mill Grove above the Perkiomen where he formulated his blending of art and science as a child. Carroll is an eclectic freshwater scientist that turned into an artist and who assembles "art puzzles" with an unknown number of pieces of indeterminate sizes for fun. It's why most people enjoy both domestic and international adventure --- and some even go to the moon! His first patron married a HoF rodeo cowboy. She was an oil & gas heiress whose passion for horses helped build Lone Star Park. Carroll was wined and dined with other friends who watched the horses run at a track preview. He bypassed theoretics, wagered, and won.​ What next? "I would like to paint a bottle label for Château Rothschildl!"  ​(Picasso and Dalí did. Cézanne, Gauguin, Klimt, and Pollock would've.)