"My tax advisor politely reminded me that my 'art business' was merely a hobby.

I'm just a marketing guy who travels, collects adventures,

and tells some entertaining stories at the dinner table.

A professional lady bought my 'YES!!!' drawing in the '80's - she wrote me after tracking me down to tell me what the artwork
meant to her, where it's been, and that it's staying in her family. It's an heirloom!!! A mirthful pro golf tour champion's
wife called me at 6:15 one morning to tell me that at that moment she was watching her husband rearrange their furniture
around her surprise gift - the IT whiz kid's bride, the booze king's bride, a Big Pharma heiress, ... a banking VP's home,

 a Dallas philanthropy consultant, the past international president of Toastmasters International - all women, each a real leader.

I can do what I do because of: Sgt William H. Carney, 1LT Audie Murphy, Col Roger Donlon, all MOHs, SEALS, Rangers,

veterans, Gold Star families, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, siblings, children, some orphaned and some widowed.

Furthermore, I'm grateful to every active duty military, my dear friends, clientele, and my supporters. Thank you!

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Top 10 Subjects

 ​◉ Hummingbirds & Orchids

 ◉ Popular Indigenous Birds

 ◉ Famous Parks & Waterfalls

     Key people travel at will.

 ◉ Fly Fishing

     Rarity collecting
     Bird Life
     Horse Riding


​     Learning
     ​Collected live in person on site or re-enacted.

       A homebody who lives where he works.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​NAV BAR "3" (Writings), NAV BAR "6", and NAV BAR "7"

IMAGINE Hummingbirds are fabulous global travel promoters!

ENJOY waterfalls, mountains, both coasts, the central valley,

adventure, culture, ... OLD-MONEY HOBBIES. Hummingbirds

show them key destinations. Travel is a sustainable lifestyle -

Your (global) supporters can be in paintings.

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​ (From near KTKI in Texas)

Miles of Smiles

Painted en plein air, Saldaña de Ayllón, Segovia, Spain, 1994.

Donated to get orphans into love-filled homes.

Carroll had a few pieces of the puzzle

to understand before settling down.


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Artfully Speaking Without Borders:

​  Te amo, 我愛你,

  Je vous aime,
  मैं आपसे प्यार करती हूँ,

​  Ich liebe dich,


​  Eu te amo,
  I love you, أحبك,
  Ik houd van je.

Young Aspen Admire Mountains

Painted en plein air, Saldaña de Ayllón, Segovia, Spain, 1994.

Donated to get orphans into love-filled homes.

CFB3 is the son of two medical doctors; Dad loved the fine art of medicine and learning; Mom, nature, birds, and horses.

Reverent, gracious, polite, frugal, tidy, gifted IQ, Stradivarian virtuosity, maintaining power and influence, all natural.

#Carroll #Artist #Baseball #HomeRun #Frisco #777


LOVE. PURA VIDA HOME. MARKETING TRAVEL TOURISM. STORYTELLING. COLOR, WATER, Carroll, aka, The Paintbrush Poet™. Carroll was discovered by Alcaraz, El Maestro, El Professor, orphan genius who served oligarchs, royalty, STAR actors, Hall of Fame athletes, museums. INTERESTS:  Top 10 Subjects: ​◉ Hummingbirds & Orchids ◉ Popular Indigenous Birds ◉ Famous Parks & Waterfalls  ◉ Travel / Tourism-related​​ (Only first class people still travel at leisure.) ◉ Fly Fishing  フライフィッシング Rarity collecting  レアリティ収集 Bird Life  バードウォッチング Horse Riding  乗馬 Sailing  セーリング Crew  クルー ◉ Hobbies, BRIDE. TEACHERS. LOVE. Waterfront villa, penthouse, #TopTen. CALENDARS TRADE SHOWS NOTE CARDS GIFTS SISTER CITIES #Carroll #Artist #Art #Painter #Color #Health #RED #BLUE #Texas #Pennsylvania #Spain #Spanish España. Cats #Dogs #Death #Grief #Mother #Widow #Orphan #Child #Disaster #PTSD #Doctor #Gift #Museum #FortWorth #Ohio #Equestrian. Artist, writer, fly fishing, sailing, soccer, fútbol, balón, cycling, racing, Sunflowers, Hiking, trekking, Vincent van Gogh, Picasso, Philadelphia. Eagles. List. Texas. Dallas. Fort Worth. Houston. ROTARY. The Barnes. Amon Carter. John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove. Academy of Natural Sciences. Messi. Ronaldo. Hummingbird Colibríes Picaflor الطيور الطنانة 蜂鳥 ハチドリ Beija-flores Kolibri. LOVE.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE. Bell-C™ is the owner of CFB3™, the name Carroll F. Burgoon, III™,  The Paintbrush Poet™, The Artist Carroll™, LEAP action portraits™, and all materials published on this site including, but not limited to, artwork, photographs, images, illustrations, sketches, logos, trademarks.​​ 

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​​​​​​Discovered in Dallas, Texas. The Paintbrush Poet™ (1951 -    ). This artist was first an environmental, aquatic entomologist, and salesman, then a boutique marketing/PR firm owner; He attended "Art School" in a pueblito in Saldaña de Ayllón, Castilla y León, España. Carroll was discovered in Texas by visiting prodigy artist Don Francisco "Paco" Alcaraz - Le Louvre, El Prado Museo, Château de Versailles, the MetropolitanAlcaraz is in private collections throughout Europe and America and honored by the galleries where the Impressionists exhibited, restored at Old World cathedrals: Nantes, Strasbourg, Chartres, Arras, Retables, Koenigsburg, UNESCO, etc. Alcaraz did two-man art exhibits with Picasso, loved cats and painted their portraits. He was fluent in French, Spanish, and Italian. An art patron said his "Carroll" is beside two Picassos on his "Little ol' cow farm it Texas." Carroll's 7th-Grade Art teacher, Ms. Kathie Dugas (General Anthony Wayne JHS), taught him to draw better --- Women are always looking at Carroll's hands. Study the cover of his Ode to Joy - You'll see why.    NAV BAR "6"

​​☆☆☆   ​​The Paintbrush Poet  (Carroll F. Burgoon, III)  ☆☆☆

"A man that hath travelled knoweth many things; and he that hath much experience will declare

wisdom. He that hath no experience knoweth little: but he that hath travelled is full of prudence.

When I travelled, I saw many things; and I understand more than I can express."  Sirach

​​​ART SLIDESHOW Carroll began collecting "Bugs" as a five y/o, when he joined ​the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (ANSP) Junior Curator's Program for budding young scientists. The family moved to historic Chester County and Carroll's collection broadened to the aquatic insects of Pigeon Run coursing pastures and woods from granitic spring seeps. He loved ​JJ Audubon's Mill Grove above Perkiomen Creek where he formulated being an artist when he grew up. His paintings are on the finest canvas, made since 1492, using colors used by the masters. Carroll creates singles, series, ​diptychs, and triptychs. One woman owns 40 original contemporary Carroll's, plus several of his "ENVIRO PORTRAITS."    NAV BAR "2"


1. Love is a straight line.

 ​​​"I erroneously blamed myself for my sister's death.  

My life was stoked with superstitions, passion,

XO     greed, shame, foolishness, lust, self-sabotage,       

XO   the crooked line of fear, impatience, covetousness,        

 XO    pride, I feared being like van Gogh, treasured, had            

 XO    a 2x dose of immaturity, and felt 101.1% unworthy.           

XO   I stopped competing and put on 30-40 pounds.          

 My self-hatred was stripping away success.   

It was my cocktail for spiritual parasitism.

I was blind to color and did not know it.

Humorist Mark Twain equated learning

with trying to carry a cat by the tail.

I checked my ego at the door & YES, I aim for excellence.

YES, my path zigzags & YES, my lamp is burning."

                    The Blue Pocketknife "I once was a freshwater (Mayfly/Caddisfly) aquatic entomologist. Eventually, an aristocratic Brazilian lady arranged my studies with

                     her friend Señor Alcaraz. A schoolteacher wanted me to be an author and a Marine brigadier general wanted me to paint - My guidance counselor said join the

                     ArmyI left a Georgia Master's in Entomology and a Delaware doctoral candidacy in Ecology on the same day, and two MBAs in Texas. I slept on my art studio

                     floor, in my car, on patrons' sofas, my electricity and water were turned off, I celebrated Thanksgiving in a homeless shelter."    NAV BAR "4"



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"You've got one chance to tell your story and it dries in minutes. You can't be afraid of color. It's a campaign,

not a project. Jump. Jump now, before your competition scoops you."  Carroll Burgoon, artist

​​​​​​​​6  Discovered in Dallas, Texas

7  Philadelphia Beginnings

    1 HOME page "Above the Crease"

​​ ​   ​​​2​ ART SLIDESHOW

    3 Writings

"I grew up handwriting notes to people. That hasn't changed because I have always done such and it's fun. You crawl before you walk and walk before you

play in the paint. Know, there are no shortcuts. Sr. Alcaraz taught me to take

what was pretty and make it beautiful, with timeless mastery & the old money whisper of a paintbrush. I don't mention that I do LEAP action portraits."​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​8  "I had to solve the puzzle!"​​

"A Navy flag officer taught me how to throw two half-hitches."


"... a harmonious relationship is one of the most beautiful experiences one could ever wish to have ...

that sinks into the soul, making life more meaningful."

Lockie Richards, FBHS. First headmaster at the Burgoon Family farm.

He was followed by a recent Burghley winner.