The world is hungry for rejuvenation, peace, and goodwill.

I've invested myself since I was a child. The payoff is thrilling.

  ​​​​​​​​​​The King's Bling

Carroll F. Burgoon, III:  "The most valuable thing I have is my name."

​​​Born in the refined, park and history-rich society of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, William Penn,

Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross, Stephen Girard, Wrigley, Barnes, Guggenheim, Joseph Wharton, Grace Kelly, ...

Photo taken on a tower by the owner of a school construction company

on a private tour (in a drizzle) of the man's secluded mega-ranch.

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​​​​​​​"There are two motives
for commissioning each work.
One is very public.
The other, is very, very private.
Each has elite decorum."

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Discovered in Dallas, Texas (USA)

The year the Cowboys beat the Bills in the Super Bowl

(The second year in a row.)

(Left) Carroll F. Burgoon, III, the eldest son of Dr. Virginia Jane Smiley Burgoon, MD

​and Dr. Carroll F. Burgoon, Jr., MD (Pediatrician and Dermatologist, respectively).

​From a feature story in Prosper Living magazine, December/January 2020.

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CELL:  214-799-3125

TEXT ONLY (This is Carroll's direct line)

Put your skids down in our secret location by appointment.

Discretion is paramount.

All vetted. Directions cheerfully provided!

Mary Cassatt                           Walter Cronkite                 Buck Brannaman                 Ayrton Senna

Winslow Homer                       Tom Brokaw                      Sylvester Stallone                Alain Proust

Roger Bacon                            Peter Jennings                  William Penn                       Joan Miró

Theodore Roosevelt                Barbara Walters                Benjamin Franklin                Murray Jones

Carolus Linnaeus                    ​ Antonio Stradivari                (First fire company)                Miguel Indurain 

Sam Walton                             André Rieu                        Picasso                                Eddy Merckx

​​​​​​​​       "I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity."

  John D. Rockefeller, Sr., who among his business conquests taught Bible studies.

  Yellowstone National Park might not have existed without his contribution.


​​​Carroll is a European-trained, ENTP fine artist, as was Leonardo da Vinci. He knows art is a necessity for the world's richest, a luxury for gold star art collectors. This Philadelphia-born and bred artist could be a top ten gem discovered by hobbyists, people who love the outdoors, fly fishermen, heirs, heiresses, polo players, yacht owners, Rocky Mountain ranchers, and horse lovers from the Golden Gate Bridge to Denver to New York City. His esteemed teacher in Spain served powerful kings, queens, business titans, Hollywood stars, and superstar athletes. An original Carroll is displayed between Picasso and Chagall on a Texas ranch. He admires Basquiat, Koons, and Gerhard Richter. It was the tragic death of his sister that made him the timeless, passionate artist he is today. Worldwide, everyone has felt the pain of losing a loved one. He knows the bitter sting of other's harsh words, rejection, and self-sabotage. He knows firsthand what happens when you believe them, and worse yet, live that way.

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The Patriotic Painter: Carroll was discovered and groomed by a Spanish prodigy. Don Francisco Alcaraz took Carroll underwing to release and refine his gift. Picasso, Le Louvre (1793), El Prado (1819), Versailles (1682), the Met (1874), the Vatican, and the wealthiest men and kings, were Señor Alcaraz' esteemed distinguished patrons! Carroll's teacher was honored by the same galleries where the greatest Impressionists exhibited their paintings. Alcaraz did two-man exhibits with Picasso. A patron said, his Carroll shares a wall with two original Picassos and Marc Chagall on a "Little ol' cow farm in Texas." ​​Carroll is a published artist and author who gave 500+ art talks and was featured numerous times by corporate, regional televised, radio, and print news media. One painting had 10 million exposures in Dallas in 60 days. Patrons have the world's finest "keepers" caring for their personal collections.

Carroll's 7th-Grade Art teacher, Kathie Dugas, at General Wayne Junior High School taught Carroll to draw well ("Women always notice my hands"). Every great master, living or dead, FIRST PROVED MASTERY OF ART FUNDAMENTALS: Drawing, color, composition, and painting. Carroll has done hundreds of portraits, botanicals, zoologicals, landscapes, architecturals, that showcase his mastery. His retirement atelier is in a secret location select patrons know. ✬✬✬✬✬ PASSIONS: He is still a little boy turning over rocks in the stream to see what's there. Stewardship of water, air, soil, forests, wetlands, biological diversity, AND, Rocky Mountain  mega-ranches and hobbies, e.g., trail riding, skiing, golf, polo, fly fishing, tennis, football, sailing, flying, ... fine art!

​​​Bravo Zulu:  "When I met the ramrod straight, Army Green, MG Hugh G. Robinson,

 I asked him if I should stick a daisy in his gun barrel. Laughing, Hugh said, 'No.' "

​​​​​​Carroll is "The No Kitsch Artist" from Pennsylvania the Dallas Opera introduced as "The Artist Carroll."

  I.  di Capri Super 898's™  (This art has deep ports. 9"x12," they're very expensive gems) FOCUS: Game birds, shorebirds, hummingbirds, kingfishers, 

     (Endemics, rare, endangered, threatened), wildflowers, grasslands, prairies, gardens, national parks, forests, waterways, lakes, mountain hideaways, 

     sunrises, sunsets, educational/recreational conservation areas, and cityscape scenery (And, your superyacht, if you want).

​     London's royal heritage Windsor & Newton pigments since 1832 blended with Schmincke Horadam watercolours since 1881. From USD 9,500/sq. in. 

  II.  HOBBY PAINTINGS (Bespoke art. 100% custom paintings for you who can afford them --- featuring YOU doing what you love.). Priced accordingly.

 III.  TOTL's (Top of the Line, sophisticated singles) --- 555lb. CP watercolor paper, mould-made in France since 1492. Ribald colors of the Old Dutch Masters

      made by Old Holland (Visit the Museum in The Netherlands), classics virtually unchanged since the beginning in 1664. 12" x 12", USD 49k/sq. in.

Combat PTSD:  "Four-Star General Tommy Franks, USA, Ret. called my first book, Ode to Joy,

a therapeutic journal that belongs in the hands of everyone in the military community."

Compassionate art is a major key to solving the problem of the century. Two things at the top

of my bucket list to: 1) Bring appreciation of America's natural beauty to her people, and

2) Offer good will to the 3 million troops, veterans, and families. I never got to thank my dad!

A cool three million per square inch! Four 1918 Inverted Jenny's (Plate Block 8493, the only one) valued at US$3 million was traded at auction for one

1868 1-cent Franklin Z-Grill postage stamp worth US$1 million in 2005. A cheerful eleven-year-old boy gaveled the tiny piece of art-on-paper.

NOTE: The Curtiss JN-4 "Jenny" was created by the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company for the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy

​​◆◆  FACT #1: Carroll began collecting, identifying, and creating Riker mounts of backyard insects as a five-year-old. Within the year, he matriculated with the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia Junior Curator's Program for budding young scientists. His favorite "toys" were a net, forceps, and his microscope. He grew up on Peterson's Field Guides and analyzing subtle species characteristics. When the family moved west to the healing waters of historic Chester Springs, his curiosity broadened to the aquatic insects of the West Branch Pigeon Run coursing pastures and woods, from granitic spring seeps. He loved visiting ​JJ Audubon's Mill Grove above the Perkiomen where he formulated his blending of art and science as a child.

​​◆◆ FACT #2: FOUR-STAR Army General Tommy Franks wrote the Foreword to Carroll's first book, Ode to Joy (OTJ). He commanded USCENTCOM under President Bush and SECDEF Donald Rumsfeld; Extraordinarily popular with the troops, he was awarded the US Presidential Medal of Freedom and was made a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire by HRH The Queen. GEN Franks, with Mr. David Rockefeller, was a board member of the National Park Foundation. In his Foreword, the general applauded all active duty military personnel, veterans, first responders and members of your family dating back to 1775. Carroll received a gracious letter from S.M. The King of Spain Juan Carlos I after His Majesty received the first printed book of the OTJ First Edition. (The King's letter arrived 3 weeks after Carroll mailed His Majesty the book! The King of Spain was one of Carroll's teacher's clients.)

​​​◆◆  FACT #3: Artist's Early Influencers:

         Dr. Jane S. Burgoon, MD                                       Dr. C.F. Burgoon, Jr., MD          GEN George Washington (Founder of the US Armed Forces in 1775)

         Kathie Dugas, teacher                                              

         Marine BG Woodrow Kessler, teacher                     

        Vincent van Gogh                                                     

         John James Audubon                                             

         Norman Rockwell                                                    

         Itzhak Perlman                                                        

​         About 5,000 more friends, neighbors, acquaintances, etc.

◆◆  PERSONAL INTRODUCTIONS. When Carroll asked the general for a personal introduction to his boss and friend, George W. Bush, the President of the United States, Carroll received a "Good to Go" fifteen minutes later. His autographed OTJ shared Franks' museum gift shop shelf with books by Bush, Thatcher, Rumsfeld, Franks, and Powell. Carroll's original watercolor painting, "He First Served as a Private," featuring General Franks and three Patriot Guard Riders is hung in the leadership institute museum. A Nashville Hall of Fame musician, who played with all of the biggest country superstars, personally introduced the general to the artist. Another patron, an oil company president, took Carroll as his guest to an intimate black tie with Kitsy and General William Westmoreland --- Forty Medal of Honors joined them for dinner on the Queen Mary. A billionaire's philanthropy consultant introduced him to her Dallas clients, among whom was an Army Major General (The first LTCOL pinned by a general --- "Westy"), who befriended Carroll. Ramrod straight, Hugh was on several boards and promoted Carroll to affiliate television station GMs, GMT hosts, PBS, the CEO of a global beverage corporation, etc. The Collin County Judge, Keith Self, a USMA graduate, a Ranger82nd Airborne, Master Parachutist, and Lieutenant Colonel on General Franks USCENTCOM staff, has been a great advocate. Even the President and CEO of Children's Medical Center of Dallas (a former battlefield medical officer) sent Carroll a most gracious letter. One day, a big Pharma heiress marched up to his atelier door and announced "I've come to buy some paintings."​  The head of a "club" of a tight-lipped society, with two former US Presidents, the Russian President, two South American Presidents, and a very, very well-known comedian as members, invited Carroll to join their group. Word reached the White House.

Unbelievably, Carroll was the "elephant inside a boa," and a community outcast like Balto (visit the statue is in Central Park), in his long-time home city, which he has painted many times, including for his Mission Statement, and he knows the city mayor (from straw bossing the parking crew and greeting him at their first worship services) in a self-promoting All American art and veteran-friendly city --- that rejected him, where he photographed the city's 9-11 ceremony and stood in front of the television network cameramen at the celebration of the city's 100,000th resident for the American City Business Journals. Carroll is a playful mixture of John Debrett, John Wayne, and Cambiaso. Only an artist can get away with such liberal juxtaposition. He usually paints what is private but, if desired, can titillate the masses.