Right Brain-Left Brain Balanced Art for the 3-Comma Enlightened 

                               1) Conservation of "Postcard" beauty             ​ 3) The advancement of education and science

                               2) Aquatic ecology and the riparian zone         4)  National parks, birds, and outdoor fun 

Carroll blends home and adventure. ​He was born in prim and proper Philly and unbridled at SMU (Dallas).

"My art is loving, intellectual, articulate, and fully actualized. I heartily applaud kitsch and banality, but foster neither.

It was a multilingual Brazilian socialite educated in England (the family that co-founded the Flamengos, with more than

40 million avid fans, and one of the fiercest rivalries in world soccer. A life-sized statue is in front of the team clubhouse.)

who connected Señor Alcaraz with me. AAUW-SMU connected me with a famous billionaire's philanthropy consultant.

'The Prado on the Prairie' director refused my donation offers — My favorite mentor was a close friend of Curtis Meadows.

DMA's president twice refused my offer, the last time with a cheery, 'Good luck with your career.'  No apology needed;

none accepted, ever. The discerning simply look at my work and see what they need to see. A few are left on the dock.

I reiterate: 'NO,' I will never enter the DMA again, nor will my art — That's in all my contracts."

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I love romantic realism, fabulous colors, and purplish accents.


(Left Photo) Birding at Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge.

​(Top Photo) The death of a child can spell disaster for a family.

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     The Beginning Years


MASK TO ENTER: Carroll cheerfully sells to every race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, and gender identity,

even if you are a horse racing fan from the Big Apple or an angel from L.A. "I have loyal friends East and West from Cambridge."

(⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐)

​​The INTJ-type Artist was discovered and groomed by prodigy, Don Francisco Alcaraz, who took Carroll underwing to release and refine his gift. Señor Alcaraz' esteemed distinguished patrons included, Le Louvre (1793), El Prado Museo (1819), Versailles (1682), the Met (1874), the Vatican, and the wealthiest capitalists and kings! Carroll's teacher was honored by the same galleries where the greatest Impressionists exhibited their paintings. Alcaraz did two-man exhibits with Picasso. A patron reported his "Carroll" shares a wall with original Picassos and Marc Chagall on a "Little ol' cow farm in Texas." ​​Carroll is a bright, playful, humble artist who gave 500+ art talks and was featured in corporate news, regional televised, radio, and news. A sport painting had 10 million exposures. Favorite subjects: Flyfishing, pristine wilderness, biodiversity, ranching, waterfront living, hobbies, sports, and philanthropy.

Carroll's 7th-Grade Art teacher, Kathie Dugas, at General Wayne taught Carroll to draw well ("Women always notice my hands"). Every great painter FIRST MASTERED THE ART BASICS: Drawing, color, and composition --- without computer rendering. Carroll has done many environmental portraits, zoologicals, botanicals, architecturals, and he is still like a boy turning over rocks in a woodland stream — with a "Pulitzer"  dangling loosely from his back pocket.

​​​​​​​​​"It is so easy to remember all of the bad things that I did, that it's hard to remember the good

ones that'd set me free to live a better life. It didn't help to destroy hundreds of paintings.

It took more than an empty portfolio to sell out to Life and living, e.g., patience and panache.

Art is a titillating, vital, poetic language that spoke to me and caressed me to well-being."

Carroll began collecting "Bugs" at five, the year, he matriculated with ​the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (ANSP) Junior Curator's Program for budding young scientists. When the family moved to the healing waters of historic Chester Springs, his curiosity broadened to the aquatic insects of Pigeon Run coursing pastures and woods, from granitic spring seeps. He loved visiting ​JJ Audubon's Mill Grove above the Perkiomen Creek where he formulated his blending of art and science as a child. He later joined entomologist Jay Richardson at Stroud Center in Southern Chester County horse country. Carroll is an eclectic freshwater scientist that turned into an artist and who assembles "art puzzles" with an unknown number of pieces of indeterminate sizes for fun. It's why most people enjoy both domestic and international adventure --- and some even go to the moon! His first patron married a HoF rodeo cowboy. She was an oil & gas heiress. When he left UGA grad studies he accepted a full-time position at ANSP as Principal Investigator for two Washington, DC companies, WSSC (the capitol's water supply) and Potomac Electric, plus Scott, P&G, and BP; Carroll replaced two men who went to an Ivy League dental school. 

STYLE.  CONTEMPORARY di Capri Super 898's™  (800 done to date. This spontaneous art has deep ports.) 555lb. CP watercolor paper, mould-made in the French countryside since 1492 using the hues of the Dutch Masters first made by Old Holland in 1664. Carroll creates these spontaneously as singles, diptychs, and triptychs. Get first choice in the first round of picks. EFT. Come put your skids down in our front yard meadow. FLY-IN & FLY OUT.​​​​

​​​​"My older sister died when I was 4½ yrs/o —

became an artist in November 1955."

​​Amables Palabras (Kind Testimony)

to Carroll by his teacher's patrons

His Serene Majesty The King of Spain

transmitidas por El Secretario General via Washington,

D.C. where a cover letter and courtesy translation were

appended by the Ambassador to the United States.

The King and Queen are patrons of Carroll's teacher ... 

This letter arrived in Carroll's mailbox 3 weeks after he

mailed the ceremonial first Ode to Joy book off press

to HSM The King! A mere 21 days. Wow!!!

Read the Original Letter by the Trustworthy:

Alfonso Sanz Portolés, Jefatura y en la Secretaría General de la Casa de S.M. el Rey.

Baron Joseph Duveen sagaciously quipped,

"When you pay high for the priceless,

you’re getting it cheap."   Client's: Frick, Hearst,

Mellon, J. P. Morgan, and John D. Rockefeller Sr.

Helen, six years-old,

with her future artist

brother near Itasca

State Park.

Enjoy this magazine reprint.

Prosper Living, p 14, 12/2020-01/2021.

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Lagniappe. The artist's INTJ dad demanded perfection and expected virtuosity. His battlefield-tested mentality was decisive (and correct). He was a Franklin & Marshall (Est. 1787 in Lancaster, PA) alum, who parlayed his scholarly acumen to The Lewis Katz School of Medicine, enlisted as a Navy LTJG, became a major hospital director, and built a huge Main Line celeb practice. Dr. B landed on LST-335 in the Third Tide on Dog Green, on D-Day, June 6, 1944. Then, he deployed as Chief Medical Officer on APD-78 (DE-693), a destroyer escort converted into a fast transport carrying Underwater Demolition Team 14 in the Lingayen Gulf, then, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. There were few wartime memories he shared with anyone. He was a prince among men. Charlie and Barbara Tyson (née Roebling - builders of the Brooklyn Bridge) built a state-of-the-art dermatology hospital on North Broad that he made #1 in the world.

After the war, CFB, Jr. wed Jane (First generation American). She'd earned her way through college Phi Beta Kappa, and then medical school by typing term papers for fellow students. Virginia Jane (née Smiley) Burgoon, MD worked with husband and wife Austrian virologists at Penn, was Board Certified in Peds, and served Bill Nelson, MD as editor of Nelson's North American Pediatrics. She was a birder with a seasoned global life list, a horse- and cat-lover, and a tennis buff, inspired by her doctor father who died from leukemia when she was ten-years-old, the year the Stock Market crashed, and the Dakota Dust Bowl raged. She was a bright, gifted, refined, Midwest lady and enjoyed the outdoors. She was beautiful. "I loved shopping at the Farmer's Market at 4 AM. Our ever smiling butcher, Floyd K. Alderfer was a trusted friend whose tenderloin tips and venison set the bar for many seasons. I'm more insouciant than I once was. I still enjoy peace, powdery snow-by-the-cubic foot, rain crossing a lake, a warm hearth, star-filled nights, holding hands, and long embraces. Dawn is my 'Oh what a beautiful morning' alarm clock to 'chop wood, carry water' ... I am tougher than the rest. Mom agreed to name her first two children, my sister and I, by tradition, to honor Carroll and Helen, her new inlaws—though she despised both. To her I was 'Boy.' I survived, and became well-adjusted."

​​​​​​"The artist must create a spark before he can make a fire and before art is born,

the artist must be ready to be consumed by the fire of his own creation."

Auguste Rodin quoted in Southwestern Art​, Volume 6, page 20, 1977.

"If Dr. Barnes (A Penn grad) had been swept along by CMN art wisdom his collection would've been garbage.

The fragile, shoulder-height, glacially slow moving, 84-year-old Tai Chi grandmaster beckoned.

All I felt was a faint current wafting on my palm. My radiantly youthful eyes bespoke full contact.

Where'd that floor come from? Your eyes don't always see what they're looking at. Learn how to see.

I enjoy John Dowland, Beethoven, Bradshaw, Dagny Taggart, yummy repasts, and wise old people, plus, a

world-traveled, fidelitous, wordsmithing, natural, a photogenic, mirthful ​country girl who titillates my

heart, a classy, savvy, fastidious, extraverted Gen X whose family welcomes me in their loving, cozy home.

I eschew noise, ineptitude, and torpor. I'm systematically, strategically me and am no one's therapist."​​​