EBULLIENT: Carroll was discovered and groomed by a Spanish prodigy. Don Francisco Alcaraz took Carroll underwing to release and refine his gift. Picasso, Le Louvre (1793), El Prado (1819), Versailles (1682), the Met (1874), the Vatican, and the wealthiest men and kings, were Señor Alcaraz' esteemed distinguished patrons! Carroll's teacher was honored by the same galleries where the greatest Impressionists exhibited their paintings. Alcaraz did two-man exhibits with Picasso. A patron said, his Carroll shares a wall with two original Picassos and Marc Chagall on a "Little ol' cow farm in Texas." ​​Carroll is a published artist and author who gave 500+ art talks and was featured numerous times by corporate, regional televised, radio, and print news media. One baseball painting had 10,000,000 media exposures in a Texas MSA in 60 days. Twelve original Carroll paintings that featured favorite tourist destinations --- it reached 75,000 wealthy households worldwide. Carroll dined with 40 Congressional Medal of Honors at a small black tie hosted by the Westmoreland's on the RMS Queen MaryThe artist's carefully guarded (list of) esteemed patrons have the world's finest "keepers" caring for their personal collections.

Carroll's 7th-Grade Art teacher, Kathie Dugas, at General Wayne Junior High School taught Carroll to draw well ("Women always notice my hands"). Every great master, living or long since dead, FIRST demonstrated a mastery of fundamentals, namely drawing, color, composition, and painting. Carroll has done hundreds of representational, i.e., left brain (XY L.E.A.P.) portraits, botanical, zoological, landscapes, architectural, scientific, etc. that prove his mastery. Carroll's late bloomer creations are the poetic Super 898's full of pithy humor, poignant virtuosity, and timeless wisdom. He plans to move his art studio to an undisclosed location in South Texas. ✬✬✬ PASSIONS: Faithful stewardship, thriftiness, and earnest conservation of water, air, soil, forests, wetlands, mountain, prairie, and desert biospheres, biodiversity, migration routes, plus, national parks, wildlife refuges, education, robust social and family ecology.

"Another time, while crouched among some boulders watching for a flock of Gambel's Quails

to come to a water-hole in the Santa Catalina Mountains of Arizona, a Canyon Wren alighted

on my back, for I was covered with an old tent fly so spotted with mildew that it closely resembled

the neighbouring rocks. A moment later it flew to a point scarcely more than a foot from my face,

when, after one terrified look, it departed."   -  T. Gilbert Pearson, co-founder, Birdlife International

​​Summary of Carroll's "Trochilid" Painting Styles:

    I.  HIGH-TEST BRAIN TEASERS  Super 898's™  ("This isn't my first rodeo." Starting at US$9,500 per square inch.) FOCUS: Upland birds, shorebirds,

       hummingbirds, warblers, ... endemic, rare, endangered, threatened, wildflowers, grasslands, prairies, gardens, national parks, waterways, mountains,

       landmarks, educational/recreational conservation areas, and cityscape backgrounds (Birds are first line bioindicators). This art has no borders or limits.

 ​  II.  SUPERB GRADE (Miraculously fast and free; Creativity at its best, well beyond the giddy Philosopher's Stone, String Theory, and the 4th Dimension!

◆◆  FACT #1: Carroll began collecting, identifying, and creating Riker mounts of backyard insects as a five-year-old. Within the year, he matriculated with the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia Junior Curator Program for budding young scientists. His "toys" were a butterfly net, forceps, and his compound microscope. He grew up on Peterson's Field Guides and distinguishing subtle species characteristics. When the family moved west to the healing waters of historic Chester Springs, his curiosity broadened to the aquatic insects of the West Branch Pigeon Run coursing meadow and woods, from granitic spring seeps. He loved visiting Audubon's Mill Grove above the Perkiomen where he formulated his blending of art and science as a child. Real Audubon Double Elephant (Havell) prints covered bedroom walls, and Charlie Tyson's Pileated Woodpeckers overlooked the 16th Century kitchen table.

​​◆◆ FACT #2: FOUR-STAR Army General Tommy Franks wrote the Foreword to Carroll's first book, Ode to Joy (OTJ). He commanded USCENTCOM under President Bush and SECDEF Donald Rumsfeld; Extraordinarily popular with the troops, he was awarded the US Presidential Medal of Freedom and was made a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire by HRH The Queen. GEN Franks, with Mr. David Rockefeller, was a board member of the National Park Foundation. He introduced Carroll to some of his friends. In his Foreword, the general applauded all active duty service personnel, veterans, first responders and members of your family dating back to 1775. Carroll autographed OTJ's and shared a museum gift shop display with "W" our 43rd President, PM Thatcher, SECDEF Rumsfeld, GEN Powell, and GEN Franks --- He received a gracious letter from S.M. The King of Spain Juan Carlos I after His Majesty received the first printed book of the OTJ 1st Edition. (The King's letter arrived 3 weeks after Carroll mailed His Majesty the book!)

◆◆  FACT #3: FOREIGN TRAVELS - Spain, Portugal, Germany, ... Puerto Rico, Haiti, Brazil. "I settled down in Texas, 134 years after my pioneering Ohioan kin rode into Fort Worth in a covered wagon in 1850 --- one living ancestor became a Hall of Fame rodeo cowboy and saddle maker --- I met him!"

(Left) The Remnant, 9" x 12," 2020

U.S. #2642-45, 1992 29¢ Hummingbirds, booklet stamps

  (Above) Self-portrait of the artist in his museum, 1822. Charles

  Willson Peale, was a traditional artist, president of the American

  Philosophical Society and founder of the Pennsylvania Academy

  of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. He painted the portraits of Franklin,

  Jefferson, Hancock, and most famously, Geo. Washington. The

  ​commemorative plate block (#25105) is in the artist's studio stash,

  as are the four 29-cent hummingbird stamps to the right.

Today's cacophonic "art" is a raucous symphony.

 It demonstrates the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Things of a high order degenerate to a low state!

 Aesthetics fall to chaos, tent cities and violence arise.

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This Texas Painter is "The No Kitsch Artist" from Pennsylvania

Two people look at a da Vinci. One remarks, "But is it art?"  I'd write that on a brick and throw it through a window!

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​​​​​​​​​​The King's Bling

By "The artist Carroll" a dyed in the wool artist

I moved from Philadelphia

to the Lone Star State, Texas,

with all of its birds and billionaires.

People tell me I'm a risk taker.

Nope. Not really, all y'all.

I paint like a hummingbird flies

hovering and backwards ...

​Zoom zoom. I love this artwork!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  The King's Bling™​  an Overview

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​     ​  Super 898's™ (High-Test Brain Teasers)

​​​     ​  Artist's Commentary

Carroll  ​aka, The Paintbrush Poet

"I dreamed I was a bright yellow 

bird trapped in a wire cage,

surrounded by leaping flames.

I fled through the open cage door,

and observed I was neither burned

nor singed, nor smelling of smoke.

It's amazing the life-changing power

of losing someone you dearly love.

Today, I paint birds and flowers
in front of manmade scenery,
to lyrically lift the curtain
singing a colorful song.

Purple is my favorite color.

​Scintillating emerald greens and

  zoom zoom reds are next."